Seasonal Allergies: Not Just for Humans

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Jan 26, 2022

 Every year millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies caused by excessive pollen, flowering plants, or even high mold counts and sudden weather changes. When people think of seasonal allergies, they might think of (and dread) the spring, summer and fall months when their sinuses become irritated, eyes watery and nose stuffy and sneezy.  What many people don’t realize; however, is cats and dogs are affected by seasonal allergies as well.  
Similar to humans, pets with allergies might exhibit any range of varying symptoms, including wheezing, rashes, sneezing, watery eyes and a runny nose. However, unlike humans whose allergy symptoms usually involve the respiratory tract, pet symptoms are most likely to take the form of skin irritation or inflammation. Pets with allergies might scratch their skin repeatedly, or continuously rub their bodies against a rough surface to alleviate the itch.
Health concerns can arise due to excessive scratching, which can lead to inflamed and irritated skin, hot spots (for dogs) or even hair loss and bleeding in more severe cases. If untreated, the pet may be at a much higher risk of infection and/or other health issues.

Pet owners should keep an eye on their pet’s behavior during allergy season, noting any signs or symptoms that might indicate an allergy. If a dog or cat has allergies, owners should try to understand what is triggering the reaction so they can get proper treatment from their veterinarian.

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