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Our goal is to be there for you and your pets when you need us most. So we’re always excited when pet parents share why they think MetLife Pet is the best pet insurance for their families.

In addition to being called the “best pet insurance for multiple pets” by SFGate, we’ve received hundreds of positive reviews on sites like Pet Insurance Review.

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Great Pet Insurance

We have three dogs. The price of our insurance is by far the best price we have ever had in the many years we have carried pet insurance. The reimbursement percentage, coverages included, and efficient response to claims filed is outstanding! Thank you MetLife Pet Insurance!

– John,, 3/25/2023

Best cost for full coverage, fast claim submission

I am very pleased with MetLife Pet. I have full coverage for my boxer pup. Through all my research MetLife Pet was the only company that allows you to add preventative care for no additional charge. It’s been great using MetLife Pet and the easy use app they provide to make claims a breeze.

– Ryan,, 3/13/2023

Great help!

My puppy had gotten into a laundry basket and ate a few socks…took her to the vet to make sure she didn’t have any blockages. I’ve never paid so much money for dang socks before but luckily I had MetLife Pet Insurance to soften the blow of that visit.

– Christina,, 3/8/2023


I got the insurance when I adopted our new dog. Being a first time dog mom I figured I’d get it for any emergencies. I decided to add the wellness policy as well. Good idea! Customer service is outstanding answering all my questions. The app is easy to use. And claims are paid fast. Completely satisfied.

– Carmen,, 3/3/2023


I’ve never had pet insurance before and thank goodness that I have it now! My dog’s claim was for over $4,000 and I received 90% back! Payment was under 10 days and went right into my bank account. Thank you MetLife

– Donna,, 2/22/23

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Stories From Our Pet Parents

Whenever pet parents tell their stories, we’re reminded why we’re committed to giving your pets the best care possible. If you’re wondering if pet insurance is worth it for you, look no further. Three pet families shared heartfelt stories of how MetLife Pet came through for them when they needed the support. 

Hazel and Beau’s Story

  • Two Shih Tzus
  • Family reimbursed ≈ $16,000 for ER bill
  • Mom “incredibly relieved” they had insurance

Our story should have been a tragedy, but because of MetLife Pet Insurance our story is a “happily ever after.”

Last spring our two smallest Shih Tzus wiggled their way out of their enclosure and started barking at a doe who had just had a fawn. Of course, the doe became protective and trampled our dogs. Hazel sustained the worst of the injuries.

She had four broken ribs, a scratched cornea, an open wound on her rear and a broken pelvis. She required surgery (a plate and 5 screws) to repair her broken pelvis and stitches for the wound as well as round the clock care for 48 hours. Beau had badly bruised lungs and a broken rib. He was in critical condition when he arrived at the Emergency Room. The staff quickly rushed him away from us and put him in an oxygen bubble where he remained for the next day and a half. When we were presented with the quotes for the care and procedures they would need we were incredibly relieved to have insured them both. The price estimate we were given came to a total of about $16,000!

I hate to say this, but honestly I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have MetLife Pet. Because both of the dogs were young and healthy they were able to be released earlier than we were initially told. MetLife Pet paid out 100% of the claim we submitted. 

Both dogs have completely healed and Hazel was even able to have a litter of puppies! We are incredibly grateful for every day we have with them and will sing the praises of MetLife Pet to anyone who will listen.

– Angie Blakely, mom of Beau and Hazel

Stella and Oliver’s Story

  • Dog and cat on a family plan
  • Family reimbursed $1,000 for flea meds
  • Mom likes “reasonable” monthly premium

I adopted my dog, Stella, last March a mere 12 days after my other dog, Foxy, had passed. I also have two cats. With the adoption came a free month of MetLife Pet which I was grateful for since the first month with Stella presented several problems requiring vet bills, all of which were paid in full by MetLife Pet.

I was at first skeptical of the coverage they promised, that even flea meds and vaccinations were paid, and the reasonable monthly premium. I asked for a quote for all three animals and it was substantially lower than I was paying at the previous pet insurance company which didn’t cover flea meds, vaccinations, etc.

I switched over 10 months ago and have been amazed not only at how easy it is to file a claim online (takes less than a minute), but also how quickly and how much they pay me back.

When we had a flea infestation a few months back, I bought a thousand dollars worth of flea meds and every penny was covered. When my cat, Oliver, was vomiting over the course of a few days, I didn’t hesitate to take him in because I felt like they had my back and his!

I’m sure glad I did too because he most likely would not have gotten better without intervention or he certainly would have suffered unnecessarily. I was paid back within three days!

The most important thing I want to share is that MetLife Pet makes it easy to be a pet owner, to be proactive in their health, not to hesitate because you are afraid to spend the money. Believe me, I have told everyone about them and many have changed over and been very grateful. Although it might seem like it’s too good to be true, believe me, it’s true.

– Cecile Marie, mom of Stella and Oliver

Maddie’s Story

  • Miniature poodle puppy
  • Family reimbursed for shots and spay
  • Mom “never been happier” with insurance

In September 2022, we lost our precious Lagotto Molly the Magnificent. We decided not to go looking for another dog, but I saw this gorgeous picture of this miniature poodle, and as you may have guessed, at the end of September this gorgeous, little miniature poodle named Maddie (short for Madeline Elisabeth Garwood) was brought into our family.

We had never had a puppy before, and as we started learning about the expenses that we would have to put out in the first year with the veterinarian for a brand new dog, we started looking for pet insurance. To be honest, I didn’t know that pet insurance was a thing! After some research, we decided on MetLife Pet. I have to tell you, I have never been happier with insurance in my life than I have been with MetLife Pet for our pet.

We had to get her vaccinations, we had to get her spayed, and in the first six months, this amounted to a rather significant sum of money. But with MetLife Pet, all we had to do was submit the receipt, and the check was in the mail within a week. Thank you, MetLife Pet!

– Paige Garwood, mom of Maddie

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