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How Our Cat Insurance Works

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance for Your Cat?

We know that you’re willing to do anything for your cat, but the truth is, medical care can be a real strain on your finances. In fact, emergency visits to the vet can cost cat owners between $200 and $1,500 per issue.4 And that doesn’t include routine care or medications. Cat health insurance can save you hundreds and ease your mind knowing you can afford care when your fur baby needs it most.

How Much Is Cat Insurance?

MetLife offers a number of affordable insurance plans for cats of all ages. Our plans are comprehensive and fully customizable, including policies as low as $9 a month. You pick your coverage, deductible, and reimbursement to fit your budget, so you can afford the coverage your kitty needs. Learn more about how to break down pet insurance costs.

Pet Insurance for Cats of All Ages

Kitten Insurance

In between being a cute ball of fluff and perfecting their personality, kittens can sometimes get into trouble.

Cat Insurance

Injuries and illnesses can come out of the blue, even for indoor cats. Be sure your feline friend is protected. 


Senior Cat Insurance


Our pet insurance plans cover common conditions that affect kittens such as foreign body ingestion, urinary tract infection, and poisoning, so you can let your new kitten explore without worrying they'll need a trip to the vet.5


Our insurance plans for cats cover a variety of conditions such as ear infections, allergies, and upset stomach. Coverage of even minor injuries or ailments could save you hundreds of dollars in vet bills.5


Cats are considered seniors around 11 years old. We cover some of the most common ailments that affect senior cats such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.5



Cat Insurance Plans


4 Reasons To Choose MetLife Pet Insurance

  1. Cover all of your pets under one policy! We’re the only pet insurance provider that offers family plans.6
  2. With wait periods among the shortest in the industry, your pet will receive quick coverage.7
  3. We’re here for you through every stage of pet ownership, even the hardest moments. This includes an option to cover grief counseling in the event of your pet’s death.
  4. We’ll work directly with your vet if your claim is missing any info, so you don’t have to worry about any of the back and forth.

What’s Covered?2

What's Not Covered2

  • Elective Procedures
  • Expression or removal of anal glands or anal sacculitis
  • Breeding or conditions related to breeding
  • Vitamins, mineral supplements
  • Grooming costs and bathing (incl. medicated baths)
  • Illness or injury which arises out of racing, coursing, commercial guarding, or organized fighting of your pet
  • Organ Transplants

Pre-existing Conditions May Not be Covered

Pre-existing conditions — including conditions, illnesses, injuries, or symptoms that
occurred prior to the coverage date and/or any applicable waiting period — may
not be covered. Learn more about pre-existing conditions and reference your policy for full details.



Cicadas and Pet Safety

After almost two decades underground, Cicadas are now working their way to the surface where, for about a month.

Protect your Pets

Coverage in 3 Easy Steps

1 Pet Insurance offered by MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company (“IAIC”), a Delaware insurance company, headquartered at 11333 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste 160, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, and Metropolitan General Insurance Company (“MetGen”), a Rhode Island insurance company, headquartered at 700 Quaker Lane, Warwick, RI 02886, in those states where MetGen’s policies are available. MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC is the policy administrator authorized by IAIC and MetGen to offer and administer pet insurance policies. MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC was previously known as PetFirst Healthcare, LLC and in some states continues to operate under that name pending approval of its application for a name change. The entity may operate under an alternate, assumed, and/or fictitious name in certain jurisdictions as approved, including MetLife Pet Insurance Services LLC (New York and Minnesota), MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions Agency LLC (Illinois), and such other alternate, assumed, or fictitious names approved by certain jurisdictions.

2 Provided all terms of the policy are met. Application is subject to underwriting review and approval. Like most insurance policies, insurance policies issued by IAIC and MetGen contain certain deductibles, co-insurance, exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. For costs, complete details of coverage and exclusions, and a listing of approved states, please contact MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC.

3 Approximately 80% of claims are processed within 10 days or less.

4 “The Cost of Cat Parenthood in 2022,” Rover, 2022

All costs are based on MetLife internal claims data.

Based on a January 2022 review of publicly available summary information about competitors’ offerings. Competitors did not furnish copies of their policies for review. If you have questions about a particular competitor's policy or coverage, please contact them or their representative directly.

7 Wait period for accident coverage is midnight EST compared to 2 to 15 days for competitors; wait period for illness coverage is 14 days compared to 14 to 30 days for competitors, based on a January 2022 review of publicly available summary information about competitors' offerings. Competitors did not furnish copies of their policies for review. If you have questions about a particular competitor's policy or coverage, please contact them or their representative directly.

8 Can be purchased at an additional cost.

9 For policies issued by IAIC, coverage for these conditions is subject to a 6-month wait period. Please review your policy for complete details.

10 Included in MetGen underwritten policies only.

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