How To Use MetLife's 24/7 Online Vet Chat

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Jun 26, 2023

Our pets rely on us to take care of them when something’s wrong  but our vets aren’t always available to answer. Skip typing symptoms into the search bar of “Dr. Google'' and go straight to the professionals by using MetLife Pet Insurance’s 24/7 telehealth concierge services. Customers who have a dog insurance or cat insurance policy can enjoy this service at no additional cost.

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Chat With a Vet Online: The Basics

Using this feature is very simple. Chat with a vet through the live text service within our mobile app.1 Our licensed veterinary partners are available 24 hours a day and they’re ready to help answer pressing questions like:

  • Q: My dog consumed something during our walk and started vomiting and doesn’t have an appetite. What should I do?
    A: Offer small amounts of plant human food tonight and again for the next 3 days. Visit the vet if your dog continues to vomit or doesn’t want to eat.
  • Q: Our senior dog has a hot spot from allergies. An allergen panel is pending, but what should we do in the meantime?
    A: Consider a humidifier and wiping their paws when they come in from outside.
  • Q: My dog ate a whole package of freeze-dried salmon dog treats. She’s 4 years old and 60 pounds. What should I do?
    A: Have your dog seen by a vet if they vomit more than twice in a 24-hour timeframe or have diarrhea that lasts longer than 48 hours.

Our team of veterinarians can help with these questions and more. They’re eager to assist you and your pets, no matter what time of day it may be.

Peace of mind is available all day, every day

Is your cat vomiting? Does your dog have a bump on their face that wasn’t there yesterday? Get answers quickly about these common issues.

You can follow up as many times as you like with unlimited access to vets across the country.¹ This service could potentially save you time and money by helping you avoid a trip to the vet or possibly the emergency vet clinic.

No extra fees or monthly subscriptions

There are dozens of subscription telehealth services out there, but they typically cost a monthly fee.2 With MetLife Pet Insurance, telehealth is available to you for free the day you sign up for a policy. Skip the phone calls with your vet and get answers immediately.

Talk to a professional

Take the guesswork out of pet care by getting straightforward answers from a vet. Our vets are trained and licensed professionals who can help you figure out if your pet needs an emergency vet visit, a regular check up, or home care and monitoring.

Take better care of your pets

Pets with chronic conditions — like diabetes and immune disorders — require around-the-clock care. Our vet online chat can help you manage these sorts of conditions by answering questions in the moment about medications, food, and symptoms.

At the same time, pet parents can use the feature to prevent common illnesses and conditions. Vets can help you and your family handle daily care, like creating feeding and playtime schedules.

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How MetLife Pet’s Vet Online Chat Works

  • Tell our vet about your concerns and your pet.3
  • Have a friendly conversation with one of our partner vets.
  • Send photos or any additional notes in our secure chat feature.
  • Get answers quickly.
  • Get a referral to a nearby vet for follow-up care, if needed.

Ready to Chat With a Vet?

At MetLife Pet Insurance, we pride ourselves on helping our customers and their furry family members 24/7. Take advantage of our free online vet chat by downloading the app to your mobile device. Our friendly partner vets are available to answer your pressing questions so you can focus more on spending quality time with your loving pet. Don’t have pet insurance? Discover how pet insurance may be worth it for you.

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¹ Online vet chat may not be available in all states.

2 “The 7 best online veterinarian services for virtual pet care,” Insider

3 Our licensed vets cannot prescribe medication or answer questions about a specific policy.

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