Should My Indoor Cat Have Pet Insurance?

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Feb 07, 2022

Outdoor cats can have a higher potential for illness or injury. If your cat is often out exploring, and only comes home for meals, he may be exposed to fleas or ticks, could get into scrapes fights other animals, or could be otherwise injured. An outdoor cat has a different set of risks of illness or injury than an indoor cat, but there are still many reasons you may want to consider cat insurance for your indoor cat.

Indoor cats may be as prone to health issues as outdoor cats, but in varying degrees and from different ailments.

  • Cats are masters of disguise. It’s instinctual behavior for a cat – or any animal – to mask injury or illness; it harkens back to survival of the fittest. Your indoor cat may love and trust you, but he may still hide his pain from you. You may notice he’s acting differently, or that he’s not eating as much as he used to, or that he’s not drinking as much. If your cat is exhibiting litter box avoidance issues this, too, could be a sign of an illness your cat is attempting to hide.
  • Even indoor cats get injured. If your cat is jumping from the top of the refrigerator to the floor or from the top of the bookcase to your bed, he runs the risk of injury – especially as he ages.
  • Indoor cats can suffer common health ailments including: diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney failure, heart disease and ongoing stomach upsets.

Cats are smaller than dogs but that doesn’t mean the cost of their healthcare is less expensive. Depending on what your indoor cat is suffering from, and whether it’s going to be an ongoing health issue, the costs can escalate quickly.

Consider Investing in Cat Insurance  

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