How Much Does a Cat X-Ray Cost? What to Know

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Nov 04, 2022

An X-ray is a common diagnostic tool veterinarians use to take care of our pets, and the cost of these scans may catch pet parents off guard. The typical cost for a cat’s X-ray may be as little as $100 to as much as $250

Let’s discuss the cost of veterinary X-rays and what you should expect to pay during your cat’s lifetime.

Why Are Cat X-Ray Costs All Over the Place?

Does it feel like the price tag on veterinary care is getting larger? Well, that’s because it is. In 2021, pet parents in the United States spent just over $34 billion dollars on vet care and products.4 We should expect 2022 and 2023 to exceed this number easily. There are many other factors — including inflation and rising rent prices for businesses — that contribute to why your vet bill is getting larger every year.

To further complicate things, veterinary costs vary across the country and from facility to facility.³ A low-cost veterinary clinic may charge you $100, while the emergency clinic two miles away will likely charge you double.

Types of cat X-rays

Generally speaking, an X-ray creates an image of parts of the body using a small amount of radiation. Different organs and bones absorb the radiation, creating a black-and-white image with shades of gray.

The cost of your cat’s X-ray may depend on what area of the body they are scanning. X-rays can be used to scan small areas, like your cat’s paws, or larger parts of the body, like your cat’s torso. As you can imagine, smaller images may not cost as much as bigger ones. Be sure to discuss the rates with your veterinarian before the procedure to avoid sticker shock.

Why Your Cat May Need an X-Ray

Vets use X-rays for a litany of reasons, including:

  • Wellness checks: Many vets take X-rays during annual checkups to assess the overall health of your cat’s body. Cats sometimes don’t show when they are in pain or in distress, even if they have broken ribs.
  • Senior care: Arthritis and stomach troubles may be a part of your everyday life if your kitty has entered their golden years. X-rays are used to create treatment plans for common age-related issues.
  • Detection of diseases: Kitties get sick, just like their humans do. A scan can diagnose asthma and heart disease or locate tumors.
  • Dental x-rays: Poor dental hygiene is one the most common health problems cat owners face. X-rays are required to determine which teeth need to be extracted or if infections have spread to other body parts.   

You may be tempted to skip your cat’s X-ray in order to save money in the short term, but that could endanger your pet’s health in the long term. As you can see, X-rays can help vets identify what’s troubling your kitty so an informed treatment plan can be put in place. They can also help catch certain maladies early to save you from possibly spending more money on more expensive procedures later.

Two women in an exam room with a black cat, examining its x-ray

Warning: Emergency Cat X-Rays Cost More

Sadly, accidents happen outside business hours. You may find yourself at an emergency vet hospital with a sick or injured cat in tow, and it may cost you.

The exact cost of the x-ray could easily exceed our conservative estimate of $250.³ Typically, emergency vet clinics operate 24 hours per day, with most of them usually performing all their blood work on-site to ensure pet parents get quick answers. These facilities hire veterinary imaging specialists to work these long hours. Without cat insurance, you will feel the pinch when you get the bill for this on-site expertise.

Save on Your Cat’s X-Ray Cost

It cannot be overstated how the kind of vet facility you visit matters. Ask your vet if they conduct their labs and scans on-site. Many vets cannot afford X-ray machines, but this may be a good thing since you’re in a position where you can shop around. Consider a low-cost veterinary clinic or find a veterinary imaging center. They may offer lower rates.

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Your feline friend will likely need an X-ray at some point in their long, long life. This long-standing, reliable practice helps your vet take care of your cat — no matter the circumstances. Remember to ask how much cat X-rays cost while you’re checking in with the receptionist. They will most likely be happy to work with you, even getting you a referral to an imaging center you can afford.

We at MetLife Pet Insurance¹ can also help make vet bills less stressful. Consider investing in pet insurance, as a policy can cover the cost of digital diagnostics, even in emergency clinics.¹,² Get started today with a free quote from MetLife Pet Insurance, winner of the “Pet Insurance of the Year” Award in the 2023 Pet Independent Innovation Awards Program. 

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