Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying and Neutering?

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Jan 17, 2024

Spaying and neutering (aka sterilization) are important procedures recommended by many veterinarians. Not only do they help reduce pet overpopulation, these procedures can also provide numerous health benefits to your furry friend.

Many pet insurance providers won’t cover spaying and neutering in standard accident and illness policies — but optional wellness and preventive plans may.1 Let’s take a closer look at coverage and see how you can save on spay and neuter costs.

Pet Insurance That Covers Neutering and Spaying

Spaying and neutering are considered elective procedures. That’s why many pet insurance providers only cover the costs under an optional wellness or preventative care plan. But not all pet insurance companies provide them.

MetLife Pet Insurance offers an add-on preventative care plan that can cover spay and neuter costs. For an additional fee, this plan covers preventative care that falls outside the standard coverage for accidents and illnesses. Optional but recommended procedures — like spaying and neutering — performed by licensed veterinarians or specialists can make a difference in the health and longevity of your pet. At MetLife Pet, your pets are our pets, and we want them to live long, happy lives.

Read the fine print

A vet may deem a spay or neuter medically necessary at times — in that case, a standard policy could cover it. Always read the fine print for exact coverage details, as some pet insurance providers might also have a spay and neuter clause.

This clause may require pets to be sterilized within a specific timeframe and can limit coverage for related conditions if you exceed that sterilization window. Fortunately, MetLife Pet Insurance allows you to determine the right time to sterilize your pet. You can still enroll in an insurance plan even if your pets haven’t been sterilized yet — so there’s no rush.


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How Much Does Spaying and Neutering Cost?

The cost to spay or neuter your pet can vary — you could be looking at a cost of  $270-$540 for cats or $340- $1,500 for dogs.2,3 Your exact cost depends on a number of factors, mainly the animal’s species, the pet’s size and health, as well as your location.

The cost to spay or neuter a dog can be more expensive than the cost to neuter or spay a cat. Spaying may also be more expensive than neutering. But with MetLife Pet’s add-on preventative care plan, you could get reimbursed for these costs, making these important procedures much more budget-friendly. Take a look at these pets we covered.

Tally, a kitty from California, got his $1,400 neuter procedure almost completely covered. Labradoodle puppy Chet’s owners were reimbursed for the entire vet bill for his neutering — over $950! And Mikka, a ragdoll kitten from Pennsylvania, got her $680 spay procedure nearly covered.4

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Pets

The choice to spay or neuter your pet is up to you. But it might help to know some reasons why it can be a good idea. A few of the benefits of having your pet sterilized include:5

  • Preventing litters that are unplanned, unwanted, or unable to be cared for
  • Eliminating “heat” or estrus cycles in females
  • Helping to prevent uterine infections and breast cancer in females
  • Helping to reduce the risk of testicular cancer or prostate gland issues in males
  • Reducing mating behaviors — like urine marking, roaming, and flagging

Talk with your veterinarian to see what’s best for your pet, as there are always risks to surgical procedures.5

MetLife Pet Can Help With Routine and Unexpected Costs

Our preventative care plan add-on enhances our standard plan with coverage for your pet’s routine care. In addition to spay and neuter procedures, some of the things we can typically cover under this optional plan include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite prevention
  • Behavior training (if recommended by a vet for anxiety or aggression)

Plus, a pet insurance policy on its own can help you afford the cost of pet health care. From exams fees and diagnostics to injuries and upset tummies, dog insurance or cat insurance from MetLife Pet can provide coverage. Be prepared for unexpected and routine vet bills — find out how much you could save with a free quote from MetLife Pet Insurance.

A Pet Insurance Wellness Plan Can Help With Spay & Neuter Costs 

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**As with any insurance policy, coverage may vary. Learn how MetLife Pet  insurance works and review our coverage and exclusions.

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