Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

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May 25, 2022

Dog owners know that it’s not a question of if your dog will snatch up a piece of dropped food, but when. We can’t always be fast enough to catch them in the act. Learning what’s safe for your pooch to snack on is one way to put your mind at ease.

Can dogs eat tomatoes? The truth about this versatile vegetable gets a little complicated.   

Can Dogs Have Tomatoes?

Short answer: yes, dogs can eat tomatoes. Unlike chocolate or garlic1,2 , tomatoes are not immediately toxic for dogs. As with all things, the key is moderation. Dogs can eat a small amount of tomato as a snack, but only when they are ripe and red.

However, too much tomato can lead to serious health problems.

Are tomatoes bad for dogs?

Tomatoes can be a healthy snack for humans and dogs alike.2 They pack tons of fiber, which aids in digestion, as well as minerals and vitamins including:

●      Vitamin C

●      Vitamin K

●      Potassium

●      Vitamin B9

Tomatoes also have lots of antioxidants, substances that can protect against cellular damage.3 Dogs can be exposed to many more toxins than humans, so antioxidants can be just as important for their diet.

This is all good news for tomato-loving dogs. But there’s a catch: tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family. The green parts of nightshades contain solanine and tomatine, two toxins that can be dangerous to dogs if ingested in large quantities. If your dog is going to enjoy the occasional tomato snack, make sure they don’t eat any leaves or stems. Remember to avoid green, unripe tomatoes as well.2

What Is Tomatine Poisoning?

Tomatine poisoning is what happens when too much tomatine is ingested. Red, ripe tomatoes only contain trace amounts of the toxin, so your dog would need to eat a lot of them before it becomes a problem. Keep in mind that, for smaller dogs, the threshold for dangerous amounts of tomatine is lower. Make sure to adjust the snack size accordingly!

Tomatine poisoning symptoms

If you’re worried about your dog eating too many tomatoes, keep an eye out for these symptoms:2

●      Hypersalivation

●      Dilated pupils

●      Shivering

●      Loss of appetite

●      Loss of coordination

●      Muscle weakness

●      Lethargy

●      Diarrhea

●      Vomiting

●      Cardiac symptoms like irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia

What to do in case of tomatine poisoning

The good news is that tomatine poisoning is rarely fatal in dogs.2 Most make a full recovery. If you notice any of the above symptoms, speak to your vet. They can do a full exam to determine if your dog has been poisoned. They may induce vomiting or keep them overnight for monitoring. Emergency costs for dogs can quickly add up, so do your best to keep your dog from eating too many tomatoes.

How to keep your dog from eating too many tomatoes

If the only exposure your dog will have to tomatoes is from your fridge, then it should be easy to moderate how much they eat. Just try not to let too many get away from you while cooking.

If you grow tomatoes, whether in a garden or indoors, take steps to make them hard for your dog to reach. Install a garden fence or keep indoor plants out of reach.

How to Safely Give Your Dog Tomatoes

Tomatoes should be an occasional treat. Start small, giving your dog just one or two small pieces of ripe, red tomato, then monitor their reaction. They’re unlikely to be affected by tomatine in such small quantities, but some dogs may have an allergic reaction. Contact your vet if you observe difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, or hives.2 Even if your dog isn’t allergic, too much tomato could upset their stomach due to the vegetable’s acidity.

Can dogs have cherry tomatoes?

Nutritionally speaking, cherry tomatoes aren’t any different from larger tomatoes like beefsteak.4 In fact, their small size can make them a better snack for your dog. Just make sure to take the same precautions we’ve already covered: red, ripe, with no leafy bits.

Can dogs eat tomato sauce?

Fresh, red, ripe tomatoes are usually safe, but that doesn’t mean your dog can have any and all tomato-based foods. Tomato-based sauces often contain less healthy ingredients, including sugar, garlic, and onion.

Red Means Go

When served red, ripe, and in moderation, tomatoes can be a safe and nutritious snack for your dog. So, the next time you get overzealous with your salad, no need to panic if a stray tomato finds its way into your dog’s mouth. Just keep an eye on your dog’s reaction and contact your vet if the worst does happen.

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