Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe? Here’s the Scoop.

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Jun 14, 2022

Dogs are infamous for eating anything they can get their paws on. This can create quite a headache for pet owners, which is why it’s important to know which fruits and vegetables dogs can eat. Can dogs eat cantaloupe melon? Yes! Not only do many dogs enjoy cantaloupe, but it can be a healthy treat alternative.    

Is Cantaloupe Good for Dogs?

Cantaloupe is one of the most popular melons in America and around the world. Its sweet and mild flesh is full of nutrients, making it a healthy snack for human and canine alike.2

●      Dietary fiber:  This supports healthy digestion and prevents constipation.

●      Vitamin B9: Also known as folate, this vitamin is important for red blood cell formation.

●      Vitamin B3: Also known as niacin, this helps dogs convert fats and carbs into energy.

●      Vitamin A and C: Both of these are antioxidants, which help repair cellular damage, slow aging, and reduce risk of disease.

●      Potassium: This is an essential electrolyte, ensuring healthy nerve, heart, and muscle function for your dog.

Additionally, cantaloupe has a high water content and is low in calories. A few cubes of cantaloupe can be a great way for your pup to rehydrate after a long walk. Replacing traditional treats with cantaloupe can also help your dog lose some pounds.

Can dogs eat cantaloupe skin?

Like most melons, cantaloupe skin is more of a rind. The tough, fibrous outer shell of a cantaloupe isn’t toxic to dogs, but it can be difficult for them to digest. Ingesting it could lead to gastrointestinal problems. Cantaloupe skin could also pose a choking hazard to your dog, particularly if they’re of a smaller breed.

How to Feed Your Dog Cantaloupe

If you’re going to introduce cantaloupe to your dog’s diet, it’s important to start slowly. The sudden addition of any nonstandard food always has the potential to cause gastrointestinal issues. Consult your vet first to see what their concerns might be.

If your vet signs off on the idea, great! You can now enjoy cantaloupe with your pup. Be sure to feed them only the flesh of the melon, removing any rind and cleaning out the seeds. Although cantaloupe seeds aren’t toxic, they’re another potential choking hazard.

Cut the cantaloupe into small cubes, or use a melon baller. Give your dog a small portion, then observe them. If you don’t notice any signs of distress, like diarrhea or vomiting, then your dog should be okay to enjoy more.

Use Your Melon

Giving your dog cantaloupe can be a great way to add a sweet, healthy treat into their diet. Just remember: all things in moderation. Cantaloupe is still high in sugar, which could lead to obesity, diabetes, or periodontal disease if overfed.

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