Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

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Jun 07, 2022

Sometimes it seems like our dogs will eat anything, but that doesn’t mean they should! Not all fruits and veggies are dog-approved — the ones your dog can enjoy might surprise you. Are cucumbers safe for dogs? Let’s take a closer look at these mellow vegetables.

Are Cucumbers Bad For Dogs?

Cucumbers are perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy. Even with their light flavor, the satisfying crunch of a cucumber makes them just as appealing as any dog treat. With only 8 calories per half-cup of slices, they’re also guilt-free.3

If you’re trying to help your dog lose some pounds, consider replacing store-bought treats with slices of cucumber. Just make sure to do it in moderation. Cucumbers are about as benign a vegetable as you’ll ever come across, but they’re still a nonstandard part of your dog’s diet. Introduce them slowly as an occasional treat and watch for any adverse reactions. Even if your dog doesn’t have a cucumber allergy, too much of a new food could cause gastrointestinal issues.

Why Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs?

Just because something is dog-safe doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nutritious. When it comes to cucumbers, however, your dog gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. Cucumbers are low-calorie and 96% water. That makes them a good treat for post-walk hydration.

How to Give Your Dog Cucumbers

The best way for your dog to enjoy cucumber treats is in small pieces. Slice the cucumber and cut each piece down to the size of a standard dog treat. Dispense them slowly to prevent an overzealous pooch from choking on too many pieces. Don’t give your dog a whole cucumber to chew on, either. Unlike a bone, it would be much easier for your dog to bite off and swallow dangerously large chunks.

Finally, make sure you’re giving your dog raw, unaltered cucumber. Avoid seasoning, oils, and dressings. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that pickled cucumbers are just as safe, either. Most pickles contain high sodium levels, and many are soaked in brine that contains dangerous ingredients like garlic and onion.

Cool as a Cucumber

These crunchy, watery veggies are a fun and healthy snack for your furry companion. While most dogs do have omnivore tendencies, just remember that any nonstandard foods could cause problems. Consult your vet before making cucumbers a regular part of your dog’s diet, and always be prepared for the worst. A dog insurance policy from MetLife1 could help you cover the cost of food-related emergencies.2

Curious about what other foods are safe for your dog to eat? Read our guide for a deeper dive into what dogs can eat.  

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