Award-Winning Pet Insurance in Montana for Dogs & Cats

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Jun 28, 2023

Montana is a wonderful place for pets and their parents. Its picturesque landscape is a great setting to enjoy wide open skies with your pup or a cozy porch night with your cat. But accidents and unexpected illnesses can happen anywhere. If your furry companion gets sick or hurt, the last thing any pet parent wants to worry about is the cost to help them feel better. Consider investing in pet insurance to help offset expensive vet bills. MetLife Pet’s award-winning1 plans are designed to help you get your pet back on their feet.

Looking for Pet Insurance in Montana?

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Why Pet Insurance May Be a Good Idea if You Live in Montana

Montana’s diverse landscape and wildlife make it a wonderland for you and your pet to explore. But those same features can put your furry family at risk. Montana is no stranger to wildfires, winter storms, and earthquakes — all of which could injure even the most safeguarded pet.2 Likewise, several predators roam the rugged wilderness, including bison and wolves. Montana is also home to ticks, which can spread Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.3

It’s important to take precautions to keep your pets safe. One of these preventative measures can be enrolling in a pet insurance policy. With customizable coverage to fit your lifestyle, you can focus on getting your pet the care they need instead of the cost of vet bills.

Why Choose a MetLife Pet Insurance Policy?

MetLife was named "Pet Insurance of the Year" in the 2023 Pet Independent Innovation Awards.1 But what exactly makes our coverage great? Montana pet parents — and those across the country — may find our coverage to be the right choice, given perks that can include:

  • Shorter waiting periods for accident and illness coverage4
  • Family plans so you can protect multiple pets with one policy
  • Quick turnaround on most claims, with reimbursements typically in 10 days or less
  • Customizable plans to fit your needs and budget
  • No breed or age restrictions

Learn more about how pet insurance works and keep reading for additional coverage details.

MetLife Pet Insurance Is Available in Montana. See What’s Covered

We’re proud to offer customizable pet insurance in Montana and across the country. Whether you want comprehensive coverage or just the basics, a pet insurance policy can help protect your wallet. Being a part of the MetLife Pet family can come with coverage that can typically include:

  • Vet-prescribed medication and diet food
  • Alternative and holistic therapies
  • X-rays, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic imaging
  • Lab tests
  • Emergency care and surgeries

How Much Is Pet Insurance in Montana?

Montana may be known as Big Sky Country, but pet parents probably want to avoid sky high bills. We strive to offer the most coverage, while keeping costs down. MetLife Pet cat insurance policies can start at $9 per month for one cat, and dog insurance policies can start at $15 per month for one dog.5

However, other factors may impact the cost, including your zip code, your pet’s species, breed, sex,6 and age. Of course, the type of pet insurance coverage you choose will also affect the premium. Fetch a free quote to see your personalized rate and check out “How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost” for a detailed breakdown.

Pet Insurance Claims We Paid in the Treasure State

Seeing how much you could save may help you decide if pet insurance is worth it for you. Here are a couple of real MetLife Pet Insurance members who had their expenses reimbursed when their pets needed help:7

  • More than $350 paid — Cora, a kitten from Billings, MT, got most of her exam costs covered after a soft tissue injury.
  • Almost $160 paid — This helped pay for a dermal cyst exam on Olive, an 11-year-old mixed breed dog, near Billings, MT.

If You Live in Montana, Consider Insuring Your Pet

Montana’s striking landscape and diverse wildlife make it an amazing playground to explore with your furry family — or enjoy a great view from your front porch. And with award-winning1 pet insurance from MetLife Pet, you can bask in the scenery knowing your pet and wallet are protected. Get a personalized quote today to start your journey.

Pet Insurance Can Help Cover
Pet Injury & Illness Costs

There is no substantive difference between a MetLife Pet Insurance policy in Montana and a MetLife Pet policy in another U.S. State.

**As with any insurance policy, coverage may vary. Review our coverage and exclusions.

1 “2023 Pet Insurance of the Year Award” Winners, Pet Independent Innovation Awards

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4 Accident and optional Preventive Care coverage begins on midnight EST of the effective day of your policy is compared to a wait time of 2 to 15 days for many competitors; Illness coverage begins 14 days from the effective day of your policy compared to 14 to 30 days for many competitors. Based on a March 2022 review of publicly available summary information. Competitors did not furnish copies of their policies for review. If you have questions about a particular competitor's policy or coverage, please contact them or their representative directly.

5 Calculation based upon select plans and coverages. Actual rates may vary based on pet age, breed, location, deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual limits you choose.

6 For IAIC policies only

7 All claims paid amounts are based on MetLife internal claims data from October 2022. Story altered for illustrative purposes.

Coverage issued by Metropolitan General Insurance Company (“MetGen”), a Rhode Island insurance company, headquartered at 700 Quaker Lane, Warwick, RI 02886, and Independence American Insurance Company (“IAIC”), a Delaware insurance company, headquartered at 11333 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste 160, Scottsdale, AZ 85454. Coverage subject to restrictions, exclusions and limitations and application is subject to underwriting. See policy or contact MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC (“MetLife Pet”) for details. MetLife Pet is the policy administrator. It may operate under an alternate or fictitious name in certain jurisdictions, including MetLife Pet Insurance Services LLC (New York and Minnesota) and MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions Agency LLC (Illinois).

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