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Feb 23, 2023

With beaches, water, tropical forests, and volcanoes, Hawaii is a paradise for those who love adventure and appreciate the beauty of the earth. Many Hawaiians choose to make dogs and cats part of their family, with approximately 60% of households having at least one dog or cat.2

Ohana means much more than family — it also means getting them the best care around. Whether it’s routine care or an unexpected visit, vet bills can be expensive. An award-winning1 MetLife Pet Insurance policy can help make the best care more affordable by reimbursing you for up to 100% of covered expenses. Read on to learn how pet insurance in Hawaii can help you protect your pet and your wallet. 

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Why Pet Insurance May Be a Good Idea if You Live in Hawaii

With its jagged coasts, occasional violent wind and rain storms, varying climates, potentially dangerous sea life, and poisonous animals, living in Hawaii can pose some risks for dogs and cats. Many of these potential threats could result in an unexpected trip to the vet and a hit to your wallet.

Pet parents can customize a pet insurance policy to fit their budget and lifestyle. So if your Pomeranian is bit by a centipede on your walk in Keopuolani Regional Park, or your mixed breed pup gets stung by a box jellyfish while at Kaalawai Beach, you may be able to focus more on getting the help they need rather than the cost of their care.

Why Choose a MetLife Pet Insurance Policy?

Whether you live near the white sands of Hanalei Beach or the black sands of Punalu’u Beach, finding the best pet insurance in Hawaii may feel overwhelming with all of the available options. MetLife Pet Insurance, winner of the “Pet Insurance of the Year” award in 2023, could be the right choice for you.

When your pet needs the best care, having a pet insurance policy that can reimburse you for covered expenses can help you afford it. Here are some perks that can come with being part of the MetLife Pet family:

  • There are no breed or age restrictions.
  • We have the only family plan that allows you to add up to three pets on one policy with a shared deductible.3
  • There are no networks to deal with. You can visit any licensed veterinarian or specialist in the U.S.
  • Add optional wellness coverage to help cover preventative care and vaccinations, and optional parasite prevention plans.4
  • Claims are processed quickly, typically within 10 days.5
  • We have some of the shortest waiting periods out there for accident and illness coverage.6,7

How MetLife Pet Insurance Works in Hawaii

MetLife Pet Insurance is Available in Hawaii. See What’s Covered

MetLife Pet offers cat insurance and dog insurance policies you can customize to meet your needs. Add up to three pets on a single policy, opt for additional coverage plans, or adjust your reimbursement rate and deductible.9,10 We work hard to provide lots of coverage while limiting exclusions. Here are some things we can routinely help cover:

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Exam fees
  • Ultrasounds and X-rays
  • Holistic care and alternative therapies
  • Surgeries
  • Emergency care and hospitalizations

Your specific coverage will depend on your policy. Check out our coverage and exclusions page for a more thorough list of what’s covered.

How Much Does Pet Insurance in Hawaii Cost?

Your pet deserves the best care, and the cost of pet insurance shouldn’t be something that makes it harder for them to receive it. Policies can start as low as $9 per month for a single cat and $15 per month for a single dog.11 Your exact cost will depend on where you live and some other factors.

In terms of location, you may pay more for pet insurance if you live in or near a big city, like Honolulu, than you would if you live in a less populated or rural area, like Pahala. Your pet’s species, breed, age, sex,12 and the type of coverage you choose can also impact your monthly premium.

Pet Insurance Claims We Paid in Hawaii

Whether it’s medication or unexpected diagnostic tests, MetLife Pet is here to help you protect your pet and your wallet. Here are some claims we’ve paid to pet parents in Hawaii so you can see how a pet insurance policy may help you13:

  • Almost $150 paid — This helped pay for therapeutic treatment for a 7-year-old mixed breed dog in Kailua, HI with environmental allergies.
  • Almost $45 paid — This helped provide coverage for a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy’s ear exam in Mililani, HI.
  • $25 paid This helped pay for a routine vaccination for a 2-year-old mixed breed dog in Honolulu, HI.

Notable claim in the Aloha State

Lani, a 7-year-old mixed breed pup, loves to play outside with her family and roll around in the grass just outside of Honolulu, HI. Unfortunately, this good girl developed atopic dermatitis due to environmental allergies. In order to help Lani feel her best, her family routinely brings her to the vet for a treatment that helps relieve her skin irritation.

This treatment would have cost her family almost $165, but they were able to get over $145 reimbursed thanks to their dog insurance policy. Lani is able to continue her outdoor adventures with her family and play in the grass as much as she likes without discomfort.13

Pet Injuries and Illnesses Typically Found in Hawaii

Hawaii is covered in beauty from island to island, but that beauty also comes with potential threats and risks for pets. Here are some pet injuries and illnesses common in Hawaii that could mean a trip to the vet:

  • Leptospirosis: This bacterial disease is common in warm climates and can infect dogs (and humans) that wade in freshwater or come into contact with wet soil and plants contaminated with animal urine. Hawaii typically reports the second highest number of pet leptospirosis cases annually across the country.14 Vaccines can help protect them.
  • Heartworm: Dogs and cats bitten by an infected mosquito can develop heartworm disease. Areas near water are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, including standing water in your yard. If your pet spends any time outdoors, it’s important to protect them from this deadly disease with a yearly preventative.15
  • Parasites: Tropical climates can come with an increased risk of parasites like hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, fleas, and ticks. Yearly parasite prevention can help protect your pet.15
  • Bufo toads: These toads are toxic to pets and commonly hop around yards in the early morning and in the evening. Curious dogs or cats that try to lick or come into contact with the toad may ingest the toad’s secreted poison, typically requiring a trip to the veterinarian’s office.15

Plants in Hawaii That Can Be Poisonous to Pets

Living in Hawaii comes with lots of outdoor time for humans and pets alike, even if it’s just a backyard hang. If your pet spends any time outdoors, you’ll want to know what poisonous and toxic plants to avoid that are commonly found in Hawaii — here are a few of them16:

  • Bird of paradise
  • Cassava
  • Dumbcane
  • Hawaiian poppy
  • Hawaiian ti
  • Plumeria
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Yew

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' (ASPCA) has a thorough list of toxic plants you can take a look at.17

Popular Dog Breeds in the Aloha State

When it comes to the most popular dog breeds in Hawaii, it seems that the love is shared between both big and small dogs. Let’s take a look at the top three dog breeds along with some potential health problems to be aware of:18

  1. French bulldog: Smart, fun, and energetic, Frenchies may be predisposed to patellar luxation, dermatitis, corneal ulcers, and otitis.
  2. Labrador retriever: Playful, loyal, and full of energy, this breed may be prone to hip dysplasia, heart disease, obesity, and tumors.
  3. Rottweiler: Loving, silly, and a great guardian, rotties may be prone to eye problems, hip dysplasia, cancer, and heart conditions.

Adoptable Cats and Dogs in Hawaii

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how you can protect your dog or cat in Hawaii, find the right one to add to your family. It doesn’t matter if they’re your first pet or fifth, PetFinder has dogs and cats ready for adoption in the Aloha State.

Consider Insuring Your Hawaiian Pets

Whether your pup loves to explore Lulumahu Falls with you or your cat loves to watch the sunrise with you while you sip Kona coffee, unexpected and routine vet visits can cause financial stress.

A MetLife Pet Insurance policy can help, so you can focus on what matters — enjoying the beauty of Hawaii with your furry friend. Start by getting your free quote today.

We Can Help Cover Vet Bills
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There is no substantive difference between a MetLife Pet Insurance policy in Hawaii and a MetLife Pet policy in another U.S. State.

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