Injuries Caused by Housemates

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Feb 08, 2022

There is a reason the saying “fighting like cats and dogs” is so prevalent – it’s true. Our pets show us so much love and while most enjoy playing with their furry siblings and littermates, sometimes one pet may cross the line between being playful and seeming aggressive… and the other pet will let them know. Pets do and will fight – they are animals, and it is in their nature.

While many injuries may be superficial, sometimes they can do serious damage to one another.

How Does This Affect You?

A fight between pets is scary enough,. Unfortunately, injuries caused by housemates can be quite expensive– especially if you have more than one pet that is injured.
Where Does MetLife Pet Insurance1 Stand?

We know it is a traumatic time when you pet is injured.  MetLife Pet1 could potentially reimburse for injuries caused by other animals, whether they live with the injured pet or not, if coverable under the selected policy and not pre-existing or a policy exclusion.2

Raising a pet can be a joyous experience due to their loyal, unpredictable nature but care can quickly become expensive. After all, pets are family and it can emotionally and financial stressful when veterinary expenses begin to stack up. 

Consider Investing in Pet Insurance 

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Protect your Pets

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