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Aug 31, 2022

A major part of keeping a cat healthy is getting them vaccinated. These shots protect your companion from life-threatening diseases, like feline panleukopenia. Despite most vaccines costing as little as $15, the complete costs of vaccines can easily total $200 if you aren’t paying attention.³

A good way to potentially save on these vaccination costs is to invest in MetLife’s Cat Insurance, which covers the costs of veterinary wellness.² Pet parents should expect to pay anywhere between $115 to $310 to cover all vaccinations, veterinary labor, and their pet’s wellness exam without insurance.³

What Vaccines Does My Cat Need?

The number of vaccines you’ll end up paying for depends on your cat’s age and where you live. Generally speaking, kittens typically need to receive more vaccines than an adult cat; your vet will walk you through their vaccination schedule and decide which vaccinations are necessary. For example, the rabies vaccine must be administered every 2 or 3 years depending on which version of the vaccine you choose.

Major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York tend to charge more for labor so if you’re a pet parent in these cities, keep this in mind: The vaccine itself may be $10, but the labor may be three times that amount. Here are the vaccines your cat needs and the average cost for each:3,4

Core Vaccinations

Potential Cost

Rabies (one year)

$20 – $30 

FVRCP (Herpesvirus, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)

$20 – $40

Non-Core Vaccinations

Potential Cost

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV)

$25 – $45

Feline infectious peritonitis

$23 – $50

Bordetella (per treatment)

$10 – $30

Why can’t I get a solid number?

The exact costs of vaccinations are difficult to pin down without speaking directly with the veterinary clinic, so it may be a good idea to contact a few clinics to see if you can get more specific pricing for your area.

Sadly, the cost of pet care is increasing nationwide due to inflation.⁴ If you recently adopted your cat from a shelter, it’s likely the adoption fee covered their first few rounds of shots. But if you had your kitty for a while, you may be in for a shock at the rise in labor costs at veterinary clinics.

Low-Cost Cat Vaccines

Compromises don’t have to be made to get your cat the care they need. The good news is that cat vaccines are readily available so you can shop around. Consider visiting a veterinary college in your area where the cost of labor may be lower than your normal vet's office because the students are still in training.⁵ Another option is to look for pop-up vaccination clinics at pet stores and hardware appliance stores. These events are often run by volunteer vets who are just happy to serve their community.

If you’re pressed for time, search for a low-cost veterinary clinic that’s taking new patients. These clinics may not have all the bells and whistles, but your cat will be protected from diseases. Remember to get your vaccination certificates to submit to your apartment complex, county offices, daycare and boarding services, and other necessary entities or you may get a hefty fine.

Pet Insurance Can Help You Save on Cat Vaccinations

These vaccinations may move further down the list of priorities without pet insurance. Consider investing in peace of mind knowing MetLife Pet Insurance could reimburse you up to 100% for regular vaccinations and wellness exams.¹ Get a free quote to find out what options are available today.

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¹ Pet Insurance offered by MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company (“IAIC”), a Delaware insurance company, headquartered at 485 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10022, and Metropolitan General Insurance Company (“MetGen”), a Rhode Island insurance company, headquartered at 700 Quaker Lane, Warwick, RI 02886, in those states where MetGen’s policies are available. MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC is the policy administrator authorized by IAIC and MetGen to offer and administer pet insurance policies. MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC was previously known as PetFirst Healthcare, LLC and in some states continues to operate under that name pending approval of its application for a name change. The entity may operate under an alternate, assumed, and/or fictitious name in certain jurisdictions as approved, including MetLife Pet Insurance Services LLC (New York and Minnesota), MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions Agency LLC (Illinois), and such other alternate, assumed, or fictitious names approved by certain jurisdictions.

² Provided all terms of the policy are met. Application is subject to underwriting review and approval. Like most insurance policies, insurance policies issued by IAIC and MetGen contain certain deductibles, co-insurance, exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. For costs, complete details of coverage and exclusions, and a listing of approved states, please contact MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC.

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