Is Pet Insurance Worth It for a Kitten?

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Mar 28, 2024

Are you welcoming a new kitten into your family? It’s a joyous time, but there are many expenses to consider. The curiosity of the average cat is well known, and it can get even the most well-behaved kitten into trouble.

That’s where cat insurance comes in. Getting your kitten set up with a policy from MetLife Pet Insurance can give you peace of mind — and help you save money in the long run — while your furry friend explores the world around them. Read on for five reasons why pet insurance is a good idea for every curious kitten.

1. Kittens Require Routine Appointments

When you adopt a new kitten, the initial adoption fee often covers their core vaccines and a health clearance by a veterinarian. But that’s not always the case. If not, it’s important you get them vaccinated as soon as possible. Kittens, like most young animals, have weak immune systems that make them more susceptible to illnesses.

The complete cost of core kitten vaccines can come out to $200 or more. Even after getting mandatory vaccinations, boosters, and other prerequisites after a physical exam, it’s important to maintain regular checkups for your kitty. You may expect to spend more time at the vet’s office to make sure your little one is healthy if they haven’t received previous medical attention, along with annual visits thereafter to keep them in good health. A cat insurance policy with a Preventive Care add-on could help relieve some of the financial burden during this crucial time in your kitten’s life.1

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2. Kitten Curiosity Can Lead to Injury

Kittens love to explore their brand new world, but exploration can often get them into trouble. This includes chewing on small objects — like electrical cords — or consuming human medication or other feline-poisonous items throughout the home. Typically, kittens are also more agile than older cats, meaning they’re capable of reaching high-up areas that owners might think are inaccessible.

“I had a cat patient that was a newly adopted kitten from the shelter… 3 days
after being adopted the cat fell off the staircase and broke its femoral
head, which needed orthopedic surgery to correct.”
Dr. Hunter Finn

While cats tend to land on their feet after a fall, injuries still happen.3 Due to their curiosity, a fearless kitten may see more unexpected trips to the vet in their youth than during their adulthood.

One experienced vet who knows this all too well is Dr. Hunter Finn, who said, “I… had a cat patient that was a newly adopted kitten from the shelter… not 3 days after being adopted did the cat fall off the staircase and break its femoral head, which needed orthopedic surgery to correct.” Luckily, the kitten’s owners enrolled in a pet insurance policy to help offset the cost of care.

Just how much could pet insurance save you? MetLife Pet members in New York saved $365 on a $390 vet bill after their kitten, Moby, fractured his tibia while exploring his new home.2

3. Outdoor Kittens and Cats Face Unique Health Concerns

Some cat owners allow their furry friends to wander freely and spend time outdoors for days.4 This can come with a plethora of new dangers and health concerns, including fleas, ticks, parasites, or even vehicular trauma.

Opinions differ as to whether or not you should let your cats roam outdoors.5 If you do decide to let your kitten frolic, cat insurance can help keep them protected into adulthood in the event of an unexpected injury outdoors.

4. Getting Kitten Insurance Can Prevent Pre-existing Condition Exclusions Later in Life

Since pet insurance typically doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, it can be beneficial to get coverage for your kitten while they’re young and healthy. Even something as simple as a urinary tract infection (UTI) or allergies can be deemed pre-existing conditions, so covering your pet as early as possible can help you get the most out of your policy.

For example, when an Illinois kitten named Mocha developed a UTI, her parents were reimbursed for over $140 on a $190 exam bill thanks to their cat insurance policy from MetLife Pet.2

5. Kittens May Have Lower Premiums

As with puppies, pet insurance rates for kittens can vary based on age, as well as breed and location. This means you could save on your cat’s insurance in the long term by enrolling them while they’re still just a wee kitten!

The bottom line? It’s never too early to get pet insurance for your newest feline friend. In fact, the sooner you do, the more it could benefit both your kitten and your wallet. Learn more about how pet insurance works, or get started today with a free quote!

Dr. Hunter Finn has been paid by MetLife to discuss the importance of choosing pet insurance. He is an integrative veterinary expert first, and social media star second. America’s favorite veterinarian owns Pet Method in McKinney, Texas, where he cares for pets while prioritizing their emotional well-being. When he’s not at his clinic, he’s starring in viral videos on TikTok (2 million followers) and Instagram (500K followers) — where he’s been known to snuggle puppies and conquer the latest dance trends.


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**As with any insurance policy, coverage may vary. Review our coverage and exclusions.

1 For IAIC policies, optional Preventive Care coverage is based on a Schedule of Benefits. For MetGen policies, optional Preventive Care coverage is included in the annual limit.

2 All claims paid amounts are based on MetLife Pet internal claims data from October 2022. Story altered for illustrative purposes.

3 “First Aid for Falls in Cats,” VCA Animal Hospitals

4 “Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats,” American Humane

5 “Are outdoor cats happier?” Animal Humane Society

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