How to Properly Bandage a Paw

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Did you know there is a way to properly bandage a paw? While bumps, scrapes, and breaks happen, they can get worse if not properly treated. 

A safe, clean, and properly applied bandage may be very important in the healing process and can even help prevent infection in your pet.1  Properly bandaging your dog’s paw may also help to prevent bleeding and additional injury and may even assist with your dog’s pain level.  
If you have a dog and do not yet have a doggy first aid kit put together, this may be a good place to start. The following items may be included in your pet first aid kit:2  

  • Antiseptic
  • Sterile pads
  • Adhesive bandage/tape
  • Gauze

My Dog Cut Their Leg

If your dog is limping, or clearly injured their leg, you may be able to consider the following step-by-step instructions:3

  • Clean and disinfect the wound area
  • Put a nonstick absorbent pad over the wound
  • Wrap a gauze bandage over the nonstick absorbent pad
  • Wrap a layer of adhesive tape over the bandage
  • Roll cotton over the gauze pad followed by stretch gauze
  • Change your dog’s bandage frequently to allow the wound to remain clean and free of bacteria

How to Bandage a Dog’s Paw

Common paw injuries may include cracking or cuts.4 If your dog’s paw appears to be injured, you may be able to consider the following steps:5  

  • Check the paw for blood
  • Wash the wound with warm water ensuring there is no debris inside the wound
  • Clean the injured area 
  • Apply antiseptic cream to the wounded area
  • Wrap the pad in soft gauze
  • Over the soft gauze, apply a pressure bandage (be sure to leave the toes out).

How Do I Keep My Dog’s Bandage On?

Keeping the bandage on your dog can prove to be quite challenging, even if you have followed the suggested steps correctly. To keep the bandage in place, here are a couple of tips to consider:

  • Keep it dry
  • Do not leave your pet unsupervised outdoors
  • Consider placing an Elizabethan collar on your dog to prevent him or her from removing the bandage

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