How Much Does it Cost to Neuter a Cat?

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Is your cat neutered? If you have a male cat, neutering may be an important procedure you may consider having performed.   If considering this procedure, you may also be concerned about how much this surgery is going to cost. Read on to learn why neutering is so important and what the average cost to neuter a cat is.  If you have a female cat- check out how much it costs to spay a cat.

What Is Neutering? 

Cat neutering is a procedure in which both testicles are removed in order to sterilize a male cat. Neutering is important because it can help your cat stay healthy. This procedure may also reduce the risk of testicular cancer, and lowers the risk of prostate problems.  A neutered cat may also be better behaved. Once your cat is neutered, he can be far less motivated to roam and fight. Spaying and neutering can also help reduce overpopulation.  

How is a Cat Neutered? 

During this procedure, your vet may administer a local anesthetic and remove both testicles by making small incisions in the scrotum.  After the procedure, you can expect recovery to take about a week.3 Your cat will need to rest while you administer any prescribed medications. Be sure to keep an eye on the surgical site for complications such as swelling or redness.  

The best age for cat neutering is five to six months. The earliest the procedure can be done is eight weeks of age, but some vets may prefer to wait until eight to twelve months. However, five to six months is considered standard.3  

What Is the Cost of Neutering a Cat? 

The cost to neuter a cat may vary based on several factors, including your cat’s age, and where you have the procedure done. In some cases, the cost of a cat neuter could cost around $300. The cost often depends on the options that are available in your area.  

How to Find Spay and Neutering Clinics 

You can often get your cat neutered at a spay and neuter clinic. Chances are, there are several clinics in your area. A simple internet search may help you find a list of local options.  

If you’re having trouble coming up with a spay and neuter clinic, check with your vet to see if this procedure can be done at their location. Some local Humane Societies also feature a spay and neuter program, too.  

Will Cat Health Insurance Help Cover the Cost of Neutering? 

Pet insurance might be able to help cover the cost of neutering. MetLife Pet Insurance1 often provides the opportunity to help cover this procedure, depending on the level of coverage2 you have. Click here to learn more.

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