Cherry Eye Surgery Cost: What To Expect

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Sep 12, 2023

Cherry eye is a condition that should be addressed quickly. Surgery is one of the only treatment options for cherry eye. Surgeries for dogs can generally be expensive, and cherry eye surgery can cost several hundred dollars, if not thousands.

Preparing for a vet bill after your pup’s cherry eye surgery is never fun, but it can help you save on the care your pet’s needs. Keep reading to learn more about what affects your dog’s cherry eye surgery cost and how pet insurance may help. For additional information on costs for different eye surgeries and conditions such as dog eye removal, check out our dog eye removal surgery guide.

What Is Cherry Eye?

Cherry eye in dogs is a condition that affects their third eyelid. The third eyelid prolapses and makes the tear gland swell, creating a cherry-like polyp. Any dog can get cherry eye, but some dog breeds are affected more than others.

While not life-threatening, cherry eye can lead to other eye infections and injuries if left untreated. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, untreated cherry eye can lead to dry eye and seriously impair your dog’s vision.3

Treating cherry eye requires surgery to put the gland back in place. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, your veterinarian will either stitch the gland to the connective tissue around the eye or cover the gland with nearby mucous membranes.4

Removing the gland is no longer recommended by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.5

How Much Is Cherry Eye Surgery for Dogs?

According to internal claims data, on average, cherry eye dog surgery can cost around $300 to $800. Some dog parents can expect to pay $1,000 or more. Prices can vary depending on the severity, your pet’s size, and if surgery is needed in one or both eyes. Get a quote from your vet for a more accurate estimate. Some quotes may not include additional treatment expenses, like medications.

It’s also important to ask if anesthesia is included in the quote. Some vets and animal hospitals may bill anesthesia separately—a surgery requirement that can add to the bill.

A Rottweiler with cherry eye in both eyes

Does Pet Insurance Cover Cherry Eye Surgery?

The cost of cherry eye surgery may be covered under a pet insurance policy. Keep in mind that treatment is likely not covered if it’s considered a preexisting condition. Some pet insurance companies may also limit coverage if your dog's cherry eye is considered a hereditary condition.

With dog insurance from MetLife Pet Insurance1, your pup could be covered for illnesses requiring surgery, like cherry eye.2 Unlike other companies, MetLife Pet may cover a hereditary case of cherry eye, which could make dog insurance worth it for you.

Cherry Eye Can Be Scary. Vet Bills Don’t Have To Be.

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