New Jersey regulations (N.J.A.C. 11:2-12.10) require Us to disclose to You that We market pet insurance through various means, including marketing to certain groups, organizations, and associations. Your affiliation with one or more of the entities listed below may entitle You to a lower premium.

Duration of Coverage

The policy term is one year, with automatic renewals as explained in the policy. 

Special Discounts

Your affiliation with one more of these entities may entitle You to a lower premium:

  • Employer Group Discount – available to employees of businesses that offer pet insurance as a voluntary benefit·        
  • Affinity Group Discount – available to members of affinity groups that offer pet insurance to their membership·       
  • Strategic Relationship Discount – available when the owner of a covered pet is a customer, member or employee of a party with which MetLife has a strategic relationship
  • Animal Care Discount – applicable to staff/owners (including volunteers) of animal care facilities including, but not limited to veterinarian offices, animal shelters and the Humane Society
  • Serving Military, Veteran, 1st Responder and Healthcare Workers Discount – available to serving and retired members of the armed forces, 1st responders and healthcare workers

Premium Rates

Premium rates vary by rating territory, the type of pet and age at enrollment in this insurance program.

Description of Coverage

The policy with which this disclosure is provided, contains a complete description of the coverage. 

Conversion Privilege

Should Your employment or membership with any group listed above be discontinued, Your current coverage will continue. The discount will be removed when Your policy is next renewed. 

Policyholder Service

Policy changes and customer service inquiries may be made by calling 866-937-7387 or by contacting