Less Adoptable Pets are More

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Jan 24, 2022

Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week. This is a time that animal shelters and rescue groups raise awareness about the benefits of adopting pets that often get overlooked.

The next time you consider adding a dog or cat to your family, consider adopting one that falls into one of these categories. You just may discover that a less adoptable pet will bring more love and joy to your home than you can imagine.   

Adopting a Less-Adoptable Pet

There are many pets waiting to be adopted at shelters. Some of these dogs and cats may have medical conditions, such as FIV+ kitties. However, with the right family, they can become great companions. 

Other pets longing for homes may also have other unique qualities that make them more endearing. This can include: 

Senior Pets

These special animals have already grown into their paws and personalities, and often just want to sit adoringly at your side. None of us are guaranteed X number of years on this planet, and a puppy or kitten can suffer an early demise, so do not dismiss the chance to truly make an older best friend’s later years golden.  Seniors still have so much love to give!

Pets with Behavioral Issues

Just like there is no perfect person, there is no such perfect dog or cat.  A motivated and loving owner however, who seeks the advice of a training and/or behavioral expert, can open the world, as well as the heart, of a pet who needs someone to be consistent and patient .

Pets that Shed!

Some pets leave more hair around than others. 

Check with your veterinarian to see if there is a better diet and/or other products for your furry friend (shampoos as well as house cleaning products) that can make your life more manageable. Remember to never shave your pet down as hair protects the skin (the largest organ of the body) and helps regulate the animal’s body temperature.

Power Breeds

Big strong dogs, and ones who have unjustly been given a bad rap, are also just looking for someone to give them a chance. Most are teddy bears longing to give and receive unconditional love.

Love & Patience Make it a Win-Win

Just like with any new animal a family would adopt, patience is a virtue, but that is amplified when it comes to adopting a special needs pet.

Opening your heart to adopting a less adoptable pet may not only impact your furry friend's life but yours as well.

Just like with most dogs and cats, it can take time, patience, empathy and love, to get your pet comfortable in their new environment. With time you'll learn that most pets will respond extremely well to a routine and truly just want to be a part of the family.  Thinking of brinhing home a new pet?  Check out these tips for adopting a new pet.

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