Bring your Pet to Work Week

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Apr 27, 2022

Take Your Pet To Work Week is from June 17th through the 21st.  Meanwhile, June 21st is also Take Your Dog To Work Day! If you have a workplace that allows you to bring your pet in for a day or the entire week, you’d probably want to right? Who doesn’t want to take their beloved furbaby to the office to show him or her off? 

Taking your pet to work is a treat for pet parents, but it may not be as much of a treat for your pet. If your dog or cat isn’t accustomed to being with other dogs or cats or being in a vehicle to get to your place of work, it will be a stressful day for her and in turn, a stressful day for you.  

We’ve put together a list of ways to reduce the stress and better prepare both pet parents and pets of taking your dog or cat to work this year to celebrate Take Your Pet To Work Week – that way you and your pet can better enjoy your time together in the office!   

Socializing your Dog

If your dog or cat is an “only child” he may not appreciate being surrounded by other dogs and cats. If you want to take your dog or cat to work, you need to socialize them with other pets and people prior so that they will thrive – or at least not be anxious all day – in a setting with other pets they don’t know. Take your cat or dog to visit a friend who has other pets or go to a dog park to help socialize your dog.

Vaccinate your Pup

Make certain your dog and cat are current on their vaccinations. You don’t want your pet to be exposed to a virus or other disease that could be prevented if he had been vaccinated. Some offices, like PetFirst, require all pets to be updated on shots and vaccinations prior to coming into the office.  


If your dog will be barking at the other dogs in the office all day, he may not be office-ready. If your dog isn’t housebroken or if he is prone to “accidents” when nervous, he may not be office-ready. It’s your responsibility to clean up after your pet, so if you don’t want to worry about cleaning up accidents all day you may want to wait until your furry friend is housebroken.

Always be sure to find out where the dog relief space is outside the office and be prepared to clean up your dog’s messes – indoors and outdoors – if you bring your pet into work. If you’re bringing your cat to the office, bring a litter box and scoop it each time he goes then dump your garbage when you leave for the day.  

Strange Sounds can Unnerve Pets

If your dog has never heard a copy machine or the ringing of phones, you need to desensitize him to those sounds before going to the office. Look online for office sound videos and let your dog get accustomed to them as background noise before you go in. Or bring your dog in for an hour at the end of a day for a little practice and familiarity for your pup. Once your pet is comfortable with the different sounds, the better you will both enjoy your time in the office. 


Be honest with yourself. Is your dog or cat people-friendly?  Not all dogs or cats want to be around people other than their own humans. If you’re going to be struggling to keep your co-workers safe from your dog and his “unique” or potentially biting personality, you’re both better off with him at home. If you have multiple pets, find the pet that is best fit to accompany you to the office, or take the time to train your pet so that they can eventually come to work with you.  

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