Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? Some Info to Chew On

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Aug 11, 2022

Store-bought or homemade: Marshmallows are always a “yes!” for humans. But what about your furry friend with their huge, begging eyes? Can dogs have marshmallows? Sadly, you will have to tell your pal “no.” Dogs shouldn’t have marshmallows.

The reason? Too much sugar in a dog’s diet isn’t a good idea, so it’s best to avoid them altogether to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Are Marshmallows Bad for Dogs?

Marshmallows are a mix of confectioners’ sugar, cornstarch, gelatin, corn syrup, and air. The ingredients list should tell you everything: marshmallows offer no nutritional value to your dog. Dogs require a diet made up of complex proteins, vitamins, and minerals that support their powerful legs and shiny coats. It’s probably fine if your dog sneaks one small marshmallow when you’re not looking, but there are far better human foods your dog can eat.

To complicate things, marshmallows’ favorite companions are chocolate and nuts — a potentially lethal combination for your pup.2 Try not to leave marshmallows lying around during the holidays, and make sure your children know not to feed the family dog any marshmallows.

Can dogs eat Lucky Charms?

Don’t let your children share any of their marshmallow treats, including Lucky Charms, Peeps, and other marshmallow snacks. Kids may think they’re doing your begging dog a favor by sharing their favorite sweets, but the large amounts of sugar in these treats will ruin everyone’s day. Your pup may experience an upset stomach, and it could lead to other serious health concerns that may lead to a costly trip to the veterinarian.

How are marshmallows and xylitol bad for dogs?

Xylitol is a harmful ingredient for dogs to eat that marshmallow manufacturers use often. If your dog consumes too much xylitol, it can cause vomiting among other gnarly side effects. If the marshmallows you snack on at home are made with this sweetener, keep them far away from curious puppies.

Marshmallow in paper pocket closeup.

What should I do if my dog eats marshmallows?

Call your veterinarian immediately and provide them with as much information as possible about your dog’s marshmallow consumption, including the amount they consumed and the ingredients list. Your dog may vomit the sugar up themselves, but be prepared for your vet to talk you through how to induce vomiting, if necessary.3 Too many marshmallows may result in fatal side effects, so it is important to move fast if you notice anything abnormal about your dog’s behavior.

Keep Their Paws off Your Marshmallows

Avoid giving your dog marshmallows as a treat. These sugary treats are for humans only — no exceptions! The sugar content will upset your dog's stomach if they get into the bag.

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