Tips for Taking your Dog to the Beach

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Apr 24, 2022

The summer season is the time for your dogs (and you) to have fun in the sun. Beach vacations are extremely popular and many dog lovers want to bring their pups with them to join in on the fun.

Below you’ll find several tips we would like to share with you to make the experience you share with your pup as good as possible during this beach season.

Does Your Pup Like The Beach?

If your dog has never been to the beach before, you may be surprised if she isn’t the biggest fan. A lot of dogs love the beach, but every dog has their own likes and dislikes.

Beaches can be busy, loud, and of course sandy and hot! Some pups might find all of the action overwhelming while others are excited for the new smells, textures, water and more!

If you dog finds out she loves the beach, that’s great! You have now found your new beach partner. If your pup seems unsure, just give her time to adjust and be sure to accommodate her needs and leave if necessary.

Getting Along

Quite a few people bring their dogs to the beach without a leash so their pups are able to roam and swim as they wish.

If your dog is uncomfortable around other dogs, search for a beach that is generally less crowded. Or, find an area of the beach where there aren’t any dogs playing.

The Long Leash

There are leashes you can grab that are about 10 feet long to keep your dog safe while at the beach. The long leash ensures your dog’s safety but also makes her feel like she has a bit of freedom while at the beach, too.

If your dog is a chaser, the long leash is generally a must-have. You don’t want her to see a seagull and runoff.

A longer leash will also allow you to play with your dog more freely while enjoying the beach. Knowing your pup is safe on her leash is also sure to ease your mind during your beach day.

Touch the Sand with Your Own Feet

If the sand is too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog’s paw pads.

Sometimes, pet parents will grab their dog a pair of booties to walk in the sand if it’s too hot. Other dog parents simply choose to carry their dog to a wet or shaded area where the sand isn’t as hot.

You’ll want to check your dog’s paw pads on a regular basis at the beach, though. Just to be safe. It can be easy for your dog to get a burn or scrape while at the beach.

Plenty of Water and Sunscreen

This is something many pet parents forget.

We know, you’re going to the beach where there’s water galore. But, be sure to bring your dog some fresh water and keep it in your cooler.

Provide many fresh and cool water breaks for your pup. Just like you, it’s extremely important that your pup stays hydrated all day long.

Dogs who have short fur, like Dalmatians, generally also need sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

And, just to be safe, even dogs with long fur can have a bit of non-toxic sunscreen applied to their noses, paws, and the tips of their ears.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun making memories! Beach days with your furry friend can be a lot of fun – just be sure to always check-in on your pups well being!

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