18 Must-Have Holiday Gifts for Your Pets in 2023

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Nov 27, 2023

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of pet parents, you probably love to spoil your fur baby. In fact, 93% of pet owners buy at least one gift for their pet each year. And Millennials? They’re most likely to purchase five or more gifts for their pet!1

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to embrace the spirit of giving and check off your furry friend's wish list. Let us help you make your shopping a little easier this season with our curated selection of popular holiday gifts for pets.

Pet holiday gift facts

Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Most dogs are easy to shop for — they’re delighted just to have a new thing to play with! Make their holidays with one of these curated gifts.

An assortment of colorful durable dog toys

Durable chew toys

Cost: $25+

Most dog parents know the frustration of watching a brand-new toy get torn to shreds within minutes of bringing it home. Try a toy made of more durable materials — at the very least they might give your dog a few more hours of playtime.

Where to buyMonster K9 Dog Toys Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy ($25.99 from Chewy)

A blue foldable water bowl.

Portable water bowl

Cost: $22+

Does your dog love spending all day outdoors? Prepare for next summer with a portable water bowl. Perfect for hiking and camping trips, these portable bowls can also be used on longer walks or road trips.

Where to buy: Springer Pets Flip Dog Travel Water Bottle ($28 from Springer Pets)

Silent green squeaker toy

Silent squeaker toy

Cost: $14+

As much of a gift for yourself as it is for your dog, these toys squeak in the ultrasonic range — outside human hearing, but perfectly tantalizing for your pup. You can find them in tougher variants, too, so your dog can enjoy hours of (silent) playtime.

Where to buy: Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker Chew Toy ($14.90 from Chewy)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel burrowed in a soft gray fleece blanket

Burrow bed

Cost: $29+

For many dogs, burrowing beneath cozy blankets can help relieve stress and anxiety. With a burrow bed, you can give them their very own insulated den to snuggle up in during busy holiday parties.

Where to buy: FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Orthopaedic Bed ($29.99 from Chewy)

Black lab puppy licks peanut butter off of their nose

Suction-cup lick mat

Cost: $11+

Make bath time easier for you and your pup with a suction-cup lick mat. These dog-safe silicone mats have grooves and patterns designed to catch a high-value spreadable treat, like peanut butter. Stick one to the tub, and let it distract your pup while you get to sudsing.

Where to buy: Aquapaw Slow Treater Silicone Lick Mat ($11.99 from Chewy) 

Red reflective dog collar

Personalized reflective collar

Cost: $39+

Upgrade your dog’s style with a personalized reflective collar. These help keep your pup safe with embroidery detailing your contact info plus reflective material that catches the light to keep you both more visible on night walks.

Where to buy: Personalized Reflective Collar ($39.95 from Orvis)

A retriever puppy chewing on a rope toy.

Durable tug toy

Cost: $23+

Tug-of-war toys are the perfect outlet for the pup who enjoys a more aggressive playtime. Spending a little extra money on ones made of durable materials, like cotton rope, will pay dividends in extra hours of fun.

Where to buy: XiaZ Retractable Tug of War Toy ($23.68 from Amazon)

Holiday Gifts for Cats

Cats aren’t always easy to please, but these gifts are sure to have your kitty purring with joy this holiday season!

Holiday box inside a cat's mouth
A gray cat playing with a catnip toy.

Durable catnip toys

Cost: $20+

Catnip-stuffed toys are perfect for giving your kitty that extra boost during playtime! Spending a little extra on toys made of longer-lasting fabric means they could entertain your cat all year (and save you money on replacements).

Where to buy: Cat Kickers Catnip Toys ($20.96 from Etsy)

Cat scratcher that doubles as a lounger bed

Chic cat scratcher lounger

Cost: $49+

Cat scratching post not your style? Grab a cat scratcher lounger shaped like a wave or triangle to coordinate with your modern decor.

Where to buy: PetFusion Scratching Post ($49.95 from Wayfair)

Two birds inside a suctioned window bird feeder

Window bird feeder

Cost: $21+

These feeders use suction cups to stick to the outside of a window and can provide hours of safe birdwatching entertainment for your cat. Be sure to use a winter seed blend to attract the most birds during the holidays.

Where to buy: Jaykyfine Window Bird Feeder ($21.99 from Amazon)

Drinking fountain for pets

Filtered drinking fountain

Cost: $16+

Cats don’t always like to drink their water, often preferring to get it from wet food (it’s an evolution thing).2 But having a source of fresh, clean water for your kitty to sip is still important for their overall health. These days, you can get an endless drinking fountain — complete with filters — for less than the cost of two movie tickets. At the very least, it might prevent your cat from trying to drink from the faucet.

Where to buy: Catit Flower Fountain ($16.54 from Chewy)

Brown cat’s head peeks out of fluffy white comforter

Self-warming cat bed

Cost: $12+

A warm spot in the sun can be hard to come by during the dark winter months. Self-warming cat beds use insulation to absorb and release your cat’s own body heat to keep them toasty all winter long. And because they don’t use electricity, there’s no risk in letting your cat nap unattended.

Where to buy: FurHaven ThermaNap Faux Fur Self-Warming Mat ($12.99 from Chewy)

Cat eating a squeezable cat treat from a person’s hand

Bulk squeezable cat treats

Cost: $36+

Many cats go wild for squeezable “yogurt”-style treats. Stocking up will give your kitty something to enjoy throughout the holiday season. You can also set some aside in the freezer for a popsicle treat when summer comes around.

Where to buy: Inaba Churu Creamy Puree Grain-Free Lickable Cat Treats ($36.86 from Chewy)

Blue pet treat dispenser toy

Treat dispenser toy

Cost: $7+

These simple puzzle toys are great at keeping your cat stimulated for hours with the promise of tasty treats hidden inside. Most of them allow you to control the rate at which treats are released, so you don’t need to worry about spoiling your kitty (too much).

Where to buy: PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder ($7.95 from Chewy)

Holiday Gifts for Both Cats and Dogs

These pawsome gift ideas are sure to make a cat or dog’s holiday extra special.

holiday gifts for cats and dogs
A Dachshund drinking out of a glass water bowl.

Glass pet bowls

Cost: $2+

Glass bowls for food and water can keep your pet’s eating area clean and may help prevent them from developing cat acne or dog acne around their mouths. Metal will also do the trick — just avoid plastic.

Where to buy: EveryYay Dining In Glass Bowl ($2.24 from PetCo)

White and red pet hair remover

Electrostatic pet hair remover

Cost: $24+

Dealing with loose fur doesn’t just keep your home tidy — it can also help prevent mats and other problems for your pets. We love electrostatic pet hair removers because you simply roll them over your pet’s fur to build up an electrostatic charge that will grab any loose fur it touches. And unlike lint rollers and sticky pads, electrostatic pet hair removers don’t need to be replaced or replenished.

Where to buy: ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover ($24.99 from Chewy)

Pointer looking into a cardboard box.

Pet subscription box

Cost: $32+

Your pet deserves gifts beyond the holiday season, so why not sign up for a pet subscription box that delivers toys and treats once a month? You can find species-specific ones, ones that cater to destructive chewers, and even ones that let you customize the contents based on your furry family.

Where to buy: BarkBox for dogs ($35+) or Meowbox for cats ($32+)

pet holiday gift

Give the Gift of Pet Insurance

It may come as no surprise that over 70% of pet parents consider their cats and dogs as members of the family.1 Take care of your furry family this year with the gift of pet insurance! A pet insurance policy can reimburse you for expensive vet bills and routine checkups, so you can keep your pet happy and healthy through the holidays and beyond. Learn more about the value of MetLife Pet Insurance, or get started on your holiday shopping today with a free quote!

Stuff Their Stocking with Pet Insurance

It's the Purrrrfect Gift

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