6 Fruits for Dogs

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Apr 13, 2022

We come home back from the market journey; our pet is sniffing the basket, all excited. She can smell apples which she loves so much, or oranges, or bananas. But we’re not sure whether we can actually give it to her.

Fruits For Dogs That Are Safe To Eat


These yellow energy bombs are beneficial for dogs as they are for humans. Given in moderation, they will help restore energy after a strenuous exercise. Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, fiber, copper, and biotin. Get ok from the vet before feeding this fruit to a dog suffering from a heart condition, blood pressure or kidney problem.

Your dog might appreciate the treat or not. Not all canines actually like bananas. Eating too much of the fruit might lead to constipation.


These fruits are as delicious as they are beneficial. APple is rich in vitamin C and A as well as fiber. Apples help remove the residue on your pooch’s teeth, thus acting as breath-fresheners. That is a great benefit since we all know how badly a dog’s breath can smell.

When giving apples, it is extremely important to remember to take out the internal part. This fruit should be given in small bits and without the stern and seeds. The inside of the apple contains a highly poisonous element, known as cyanide. Seeds also present a choking danger.


Oranges and their relatives (tangerines and such) are highly acidic and brimming with sugars. Even so, when given in small amounts, none of these pose a problem.

The citrus flavor might actually put your pet off oranges. If not, it is good to know that it’s ok for them to have it. Of course, these golden balls are an excellent source of vitamin C in addition to fiber and fluids. It is recommended to give only about 1-2 segments of the fruit per day.

Do not give your dog the fruit’s peel as they are hard for their intestinal system to break down. If given, they might cause a serious gastrointestinal upset.


This fruit is bursting with minerals, vitamins, fiber and fructose. You can give your dog pineapple, but exercise moderation. It contains the enzyme Bromelain, which aids in protein absorption. This enzyme is destroyed when the fruit is canned, so fresh is best.

Generally speaking, pineapple is a highly helpful food. It assists with improving the overall health of your pooch’s digestive system and nutrient absorption. 

Since this is a highly fibrous fruit, it must be given in small amounts. Otherwise, indigestion and diarrhea will follow.


This great tasting fruit is one of the healthiest too. This fruit has been named as one of the most consumed in the world. It is not hard to imagine why.

It has been said that increased consumption of mango might lead to a healthier hair and reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

When feeding it to dogs, you must remove the skin and seeds. The seeds, like those of apples, contain cyanide and are extremely poisonous for your dog. Surely, feeding your dog a few bits of mango a day will hit the sweet spot.


Pears are actually very good for your dog. Although their seeds hold cyanide too, a large amount of them needs to be chewed on to cause harm. These fruits are abundant with vitamins K and C, copper and fiber.

As long as you give them moderately, your pooch will reap the benefits of munching on pears. This juicy snack will provide dogs with antioxidants to increase overall health and help reducing cancer risks.

The fiber in this fruit will help to a healthier heart. As per the pear’s skin, make your best to get your pooch to eat it since all the good stuff is mostly concentrated there.


Fruits bring many benefits for dogs as they do for humans. A true gift from the gods, they are sweet, delicious and healthy. While all this is true, we still have to bear in mind that canines’ organisms differ from ours.

When feeding the dogs fruits, remove the seeds, including the sharp inside skin. You don’t want your beloved furry companion choking on them. Remember to use moderation. Just like with anything else in life, it will bring you more happy days.

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