8 Creative Ways to Honor Departed Pets 

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Jan 23, 2022

Anyone who has ever lost a pet will surely agree that just because your furry friend has passed does not mean that he doesn’t still occupy a large space in your heart. After all, pets are family. And just as you would honor the memory of your late family members, it’s natural to want to honor your departed pets.  

The following are a few creative suggestions for how to celebrate the memory of furry friends who have passed over the rainbow bridge. 

Save their collar and ID tag as a keepsake 

What better way to remember your loyal companion than to hang on to the item he wore every day? Hang the collar somewhere that you will see it often and trigger fond memories of your departed pal. Better yet, frame the collar and turn it into a memorial art piece to display. 

Create a photo album celebrating your pet

In the digital age, it’s easy to take photos and then lose them in the abyss of your hard drive. There’s no question that you have a ton of photos of you and your beloved pet that span all of your years together. Take the time to dig them up and create a photo album. 

The act of creating the album is sure to bring back fond memories, and the album will give you a chance to display them proudly in your home.

Commission an artist to create a piece in their likeness 

An art piece is a wonderful way to incorporate a memento of your pet into your home’s existing decor. Whether your preferred style is watercolor, thought-provoking abstracts, or even a sculpture, there’s surely an artist out there who can create a piece you love. In fact, some artists even specialize in painting pet portraits.   

Continue to visit some of your pet’s favorite spots

You and your pet likely had a few favorite places to visit together. Why not honor your pet’s memory by revisiting them from time to time? Whether it’s a favorite park, a beach, a hiking trail, or a sidewalk cafe, visiting the places you once enjoyed with your furry pal are sure to bring back happy memories! 

Commemorate your pet forever in a tattoo


If you happen to like tattoos, why not get one to honor your pet? Not only will it be a unique reminder of your favorite furry pal, but (depending on where you place it, of course) it will be a conversation starter as well. Then, when someone asks about the significance behind your tattoo, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to share some of your favorite memories about your departed pal.  


Spread your pet’s ashes in a favorite location

If you opt to have your pet cremated you may wish to spread his ashes in one of his happiest places. Perhaps your pet had a preferred tree to lay under in your backyard or a favorite hiking trail to explore. Choose a place that was meaningful for you and your pet.  

Then, gather your family and friends who shared your affection for your pet and take turns saying a few words about your beloved pet before scattering the ashes.  
Have a custom piece of jewelry created in his honor.

A piece of jewelry is another way to wear a daily memento of your pet. Perhaps you can have your pet’s identification tag repurposed into a piece, but really the sky's the limit. Speak to a jewelry maker about your idea to commemorate your pet and ask them to create some spec pieces that fit your style!   

Volunteer at a local shelter or animal rescue

After a furry family member passes away, you may feel a void in your life. You might find yourself longing for dog walks, playtime or simply furry ear scratches… But at the same time, you may not be ready to bring another pet into your life.  
Why not volunteer at a local animal shelter? Many shelters need volunteers to help with everything from dog walking and socialization to playing with cats, cleaning kennels, consulting with potential pet parents, and more!   
You’ll be able to fill some of your free time with animal snuggles while doing a good deed! And who knows, after a while, you might feel ready to bring a new furry companion into your life!    

Sadly, our pets cannot live forever, but finding ways to honor them when they’re gone will make it seem as if they do. And while your pet is still with you, be sure to shower him with unwavering love and affection! Taking out a dog insurance policy can be a good place to start.


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