7 Ways to Celebrate Spoil your Dog Day

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May 05, 2023

Dogs are our faithful companions, secret keepers, snuggle buddies, and so much more.  All they ask for in return is that we fill their food dishes and offer belly rubs and endless love. 

While many of us spoil our dogs every day, Monday, August 10, 2020, is officially National Spoil Your Dog Day. 

What is Spoil Your Dog Day?   

National Spoil Your Dog Day occurs annually on August 10th and is a holiday for going the extra mile for your pup.  Sure, you may spoil her daily, but this is a day to step it up.  Shower her with extra love, attention, goodies, and fun activities all day long. It’s also important to note that you don’t need to spend much money to spoil your dog.  Keep in mind your dog’s favorite thing in the world is spending time with you. 

If you are looking for fun ways to celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day with your canine companion today, we’ve got you covered! 

Make Homemade, Healthy Dog Treats for Your Pooch

Homemade treats are healthier than store-bought, and you can rest assured you will know what’s in every bite.  You can shop at your favorite local grocer or farm stand and can try out any homemade dog treat recipes, like these peanut butter and carrot treats.  Feel free to create some of your own out of your dog’s favorite ingredients.

Check out these helpful tips:

Play with Your Dog 

Exercise and playtime are great for your dog (and for you too)! Spend some extra time playing with your pooch today and play fetch until your pup gets tired. Consider introducing a new game, like teaching your dog to play Frisbee. 

Take Your Pup For a Beach Day  

What better way to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer than to head to the beach?  Let your furry friend enjoy the water on her paws and the summer sunshine on her snout while she digs to her heart’s content. 

If you plan to travel to the ocean, check out some helpful tips for doggy beach time. If you want to keep it local, there are plenty of lakeside beaches for you and your dog to explore. 

Take Your Dog to Explore A New Place 

You don’t have to travel far to take a day-trip with your pooch.  How about trying a walk, hike, or picnic together in a place you have never visited?  Look up state parks in your area, as well as hiking and walking trails that are dog-friendly. 

Stay on marked trails that are within your (and your dog’s) ability level. A walk or hike is an excellent way for both of you to get exercise, create healthy habits, and check out new places in your area.  Be sure to remember to pack plenty of water for the both of you during your trip. 

Take Your Pooch For a Frozen Treat 

Nothing says summer like ice cream and frozen yogurt. There are several ice cream parlors and frozen yogurt shops all around the United States that serve up dog-friendly frozen treats. You can even search for local shops near you that offer pet-friendly treats.

Many shops serve non-dairy ice cream treats, topped with a dog biscuit.  A refreshing treat is sure to be a hit with your fur friend on Spoil Your Dog Day! 

Let Your Dog Pick Out A New Toy 

If you’ve ever taken your dog into a pet supply store with you, you know how eager she is to grab items off the shelves and play with them, taste them, or try them out.  What better way to spoil her than to let her pick something out to take home? 

Hey, today is all about her – let her decide which toy or bone she wants. Just be sure to keep away from the fatty, processed bones, which can cause upset stomach.  

Make Sure Your Pup is up-to-date on Wellness Exams and Vaccinations 

While not a ten on your fun meter, making sure your dog is current on her wellness exams and vaccinations will help keep her healthy – after all, you want to spoil your dog for many years to come. 

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