National Dog Party Day

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Jun 13, 2023

Pet Health & Safety Coach, Arden Moore, is a big believer in the power of play. This is why Moore created “National Dog Party Day” beginning in 2011. 

The first party was held in both New York City and San Diego, but for several years thereafter, partnered with Pet Sitter’s International’s “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” where the combined theme became:  Work like a Dog by Day and Party like a Pup at Night. 

Irrespective of partners and locations, the goal is to stage the ultimate date night with your pooch while you also:

  • Sneak in good doggy manners in a fun setting
  • Benefit a worthy pet charity
  • Give party-goers, two-legged, and four-pawed, the chance to be in the moment together 

Party Rules

Whether you’re home alone or out and about (if it is safe for you to have a small gathering), a few rules can keep the party safe:

  • Only well-mannered, socialized dogs should be permitted for the safety of all. Dogs with resource guarding issues should not be allowed.  Give their humans directions to party at home safely.
  • Doggy guests must be walked before the event to prevent accidents and blow off steam.  Owners must chaperone their dogs at all times, keeping them on-leash unless the party hosts give the leash-free signal.  Leashes should be short, 4 to 6’, and NO extendable leashes in which pets can stray too far, or pets and people can become entangled or trip. 
  • Canine guests must be neutered or spayed and current on vaccinations, including rabies and bordetella.
  • Party organizers have the right to show the exit door to dogs and humans who do not behave. 

Let the Fun Begin

What’s a party without games?

Fortunately, National Dog Party Day creator, Arden Moore, wrote the book, Dog Parties: How to Party Like a Pup, filled with games for dogs and their people. Her purpose was to sneak in good doggy manners while providing an opportunity for people to live in the moment and celebrate their wonderful connection with their dogs. 

Here's some ideas for a good party:

  • Snoopy Says is a variation of the popular child’s game, Simon Says. Instruct guests to line up with their leashed dogs. People-dog teams must comply only with commands given as, “Snoopy says” to do some action.  If a command is announced without “Snoopy says,” those who perform the act are eliminated from the competition. The winning team is the one that heeds all “Snoopy says” commands.
  • Canine Musical Chairs is a party favorite!  Line one less hula hoop then there are participants, on the ground three feet apart. Instruct participants to walk their dogs, single file, around the hoops as you play dog-themed music.  When the music abruptly stops, each guest must “sit” their dog inside a hoop and each person must have at least one foot inside the ring as well. Each round, remove a hoop along with the team left standing until only one dog and owner remain.
  • Dunking for Hot Dogs is just like bobbing for apples.  Fill up a large bucket and take turns, or let each dog have his own bowl of water with a hot dog or pieces dropped in, and let him go at it! 

June 21st is the day dedicated to dogs, their people, and the power of play. Whether you’re at home, or able to get out and about, mentally and physically exercising together as you celebrate your best pal is great thing to do regularly! 

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