National Cat Lover's Month

Three Minutes
Apr 19, 2022

National Cat Lovers Month takes place during the month of December. This month-long celebration is the perfect time to slow down and appreciate your cat(s) — and to look for ways to help cats in need.

Keep reading as we discuss a few of our favorite ways to celebrate National Cat Lovers Month and different ways you can fill your life with as many purring cats as possible. 

How to Celebrate With Your Cat

First things first: If you don’t currently have a cat but you’ve been considering adoption, this would be the perfect time to look into this idea a little further!

You might be ready to adopt a cat if you:

  • Can support him or her financially (vet care, food, medications, etc.) 
  • Have the space in your home
  • Are prepared to care for your new pet and provide the social support it needs throughout his or her entire life

Most Humane Societies will allow you to visit and play with the cats that are available for adoption so you can choose which animal might be best for you. 

If you do already have a cat, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate National Cat Lovers Month at home with your feline:

  • Purchase or DIY a few new toys to add to your cat’s rotation, keeping him or her active and engaged during the long winter months.
  • Have a photoshoot with your cat (either informally in your living room, or with a more professional camera) to get some cute shots for social media.
  • Get on top of your cat’s grooming. While regular brushing should already be part of your routine, trimming nails and brushing teeth should also get on the schedule every couple of weeks.

How to Celebrate As A Cat Owner

This month is the perfect time to learn more about cats in general.

You can learn more about cats by reading content online, including our past blog posts such as What is this Bump on my Cat? and Why Does My Cat Bring Me Dead Animals? Learning more about cats will enable you to care for your own pet more effectively. 

You might also consider treating yourself to a fun cat-themed gift or item — maybe a calendar with adorable kitten photos, fuzzy socks with cat illustrations, or a graphic T-shirt. 

How to Celebrate With A Local Shelter

National Cat Lovers Month is the perfect time to link arms with your local Humane Society or animal rescue to help them rescue as many cats as possible.

If you’re able to donate financially or purchase supplies like cat litter and pet food, your local shelter will appreciate the contribution. But gifts of time are just as important. Volunteer with your shelter to scoop litterboxes, serve as a receptionist, help put on events, or whatever they need help with.

Shelters also need foster parents for cats if that’s something you’re able to do. 

If none of these options are feasible for you right now, consider donating your time. Supporting animal rescues on social media by following their accounts and sharing their posts is another free and easy way to help rescue cats who need homes.

Plan For The Unexpected  

One final suggestion for celebrating National Cat Lovers Month: Consider getting pet insurance for your furry friend! 


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