National Cat Herder's Day 

Three Minutes
Apr 20, 2022

December 15th is designated National Cat Herder’s Day, but oddly, this holiday is not dedicated to cats but rather to humans who can handle others, as well as themselves, no matter what life throws their way.

History & Animal Behavior

The phrase “herding cats” is used when referring to tasks that cannot be done without a great deal of effort and patience.

Unlike their canine counterparts, domestic cats are not pack animals, so the phrase refers to the incredible difficulty it would take to command, or even wrangle, cats into a group or herd. 

Feline Behavior 

Cats are not completely anti-social, but their level of socializing is on their own terms as they often perform behaviors that keep them distant from others. Spraying, for example, is a territorial behavior to avoid close encounter with other cats. Should a face-to-face occur, hackles raise and claws come out

The tide however, may be turning in feral cat colonies where rescuers observe felines congregating to care for their young. In the Roman Colosseum, hundreds of cats can be found living together,1 while on the one-mile wide Island of Aoshima in Japan, cats outnumber people six to one.2

What it’s all About

Cat Herder’s Day is about the people in our lives who, well, metaphorically herd cats.  It’s about the community leaders, animal rights coordinators, human resources managers, bosses, mothers and teachers who wrangle the pieces and turn it into a cohesive puzzle.  Though, even if Cat Herder’s Day isn’t really about cats, you can always make a point of enhancing the bond you share with your feline best friend as well.

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