International Hug your Cat Day

Three Minutes
Apr 22, 2022

Happy International Hug Your Cat Day!

Before you hug onto your feline, take a moment to think about whether he or she would actually like a hug or not.

Many cats are uncomfortable with hugs and snuggles, but there’s good news for all cat lovers! There are tons of ways you can show your cat love without touching him or her and upsetting them.

We’ve gathered a few ways you can show your cat love on International Hug Your Cat Day. Keep reading to find out more!

Play With Your Cat

Even cats that seem to prefer doing nothing all day will get up and move for a fun game. Get some interactive toys and spend some time playing with your cat and they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Make sure you have several types of toys available for your cat so you can figure out which one he or she likes the best. Some cats prefer leaping into the air to catch something flying overhead whereas others are more likely to want to chase a toy across the floor.

Blink Slowly at Your Cat

Have you ever seen your cat slowly close his or her eyes when he or she is looking at you? They are not saying they are bored, tired, or doesn’t want to look at you anymore. That’s just a cat’s way of saying they love you!

So, if you want to let your cat know how you feel, the best way is to show him or her. When your cat is relaxed, make eye contact with him or her. Then, slowly blink your eyes. Don’t be surprised when your furry friend blinks back!

“Cat-ify” Your House 

The term “Cat-ify” means to turn your home into a cat paradise by providing plenty of places for your cat to claim as his or her own. Cats are territorial and need to have their own space to feel secure. Consider cat-ifying your house to show your cat you love him or her.

Here are a few things you may want to get for your cat to help him or her feel safe and happy:

  • Scratching posts 
  • Cat trees 
  • Cat caves 
  • Various toys
  • Window seats

Make sure these items are spread throughout the house and that your cat always has access to them. This will allow them to feel secure and at home no matter what. If you have more than one cat, make sure you have an even amount of these things so they all have a place to call their own.

Get Your Cat High-Quality Food & Treats

When searching for the right food and treats for your furry friend, consider speaking with your vet so that you can be sure you are providing your feline with the best options for their health and needs.

Many cat foods are stuffed with fillers, artificial flavors and colorants, and chemicals that can cause health problems in cats. Take some time to do some research on which cat food and treats would be best for your cat and their overall health.

Soon, your cat will feel healthier and feel more loved as a result!

Learn More Ways to Love on Your Cat 

Now you have four ways you can show your cat you love him or her without invading their personal space, which we all know cats have lots of!

Check out our blog for more posts on how you can make your cat’s life better, such as seven ways you can respect your cat. That way you can show your cat you know they’re worthy – because we know they already know so!

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