Training and Re-Training Your Pet

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Jan 23, 2022

Types of Behavior Training:

There are several types of behavior training you can use with your pets. Operant Conditioning uses manipulation to increase or decrease a behavior. The 2 main categories are reinforcement and punishment. Reinforcement increases a behavior while punishment, in this case, means decreasing a behavior. Reinforcement and punishment can be broken down into 2 further categories: positive and negative. Any time you add something to your training session, it would be considered positive (i.e. positive reinforcement and positive punishment). Any time you remove something from your training session, it would be considered negative (i.e. negative reinforcement and negative punishment).

Practice Makes Perfect:

Whatever type of behavior training you decide to do, timing and consistency are key. You need to reinforce or react to your dog’s behavior immediately. The treat (if you choose positive reinforcement) itself should not be a crunchy or large treat. By the time your pet is done chewing, they will have forgotten why they got the treat! Reinforce good behavior quickly and frequently so that your pet understands he/she should continue the behavior regardless if they received a treat or not.

Tips for Keeping your Pet Healthy in General and During Training:

Remember: an exercised pet is a well behaved pet! Find your dog’s favorite activity and do it frequently! The more exercise your pet gets, the happier they will be and the better they will behave.

When you’re shopping for treats, keep in mind how often your pet is going to get the treat. If you’re in the middle of training, opt for small or breakable, non-crunchy treats. Make sure the treat is low fat and high in protein! Stay away from smelly, super meaty treats. If you can’t resist buying something fancy, make sure to check that the first ingredient is indeed meat. The more natural the better the treat! 

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