4 Myths About Pitbulls

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Apr 18, 2022

The last Saturday in October is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. This day was established by an organization called Bless the Bullys to celebrate the wonderful characteristics of pit bulls and educate the public to dispel negative stereotypes.

But how did those negative stereotypes come about in the first place? Let’s look at some of the myths about pitbulls and counter them with the facts.

1. Pitbulls are an Aggressive Breed

There are aggressive pit bulls, sure. However, there are aggressive dogs of every breed.  Some dogs such as Pitbulls, German Shepherds, and Rotweilers have been labeled “aggressive breeds.” However, these breeds are often just as warm, good with kids, and calm as any other breed. 

2. Pitbulls are Only Bred for Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a brutal and dangerous activity.  However, while those who choose to partake in this illegal and cruel sport may choose to breed Pitbulls to partake in it, that does not mean all Pitbulls are overly-aggressive. 

3. Pitbulls Can Not be Around Small Children

Pitbulls can make perfect family pets. They’re smart, easily trainable, and protective. Some dog parents may even keep Pitbulls specifically to protect their family. Generally, dogs that fall under the pit bull breed umbrella are docile and gentle. Many are even good with cats and other animals.

4. Pitbulls’ Jaws Lock in Place when they Bite; Making them Deadly

Pitbulls have the same hinge-joint mouths that every other dog has. Pit bulls don’t even have the strongest bite among dogs.

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