Game of Thrones Pet Names

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Apr 13, 2022

As one of the most popular shows of all time, Game of Thrones has surely inspired pet parents around the globe. Check out this list of top Game of Thrones pet names. For more amusing pet names, check out our ten funniest dog names submitted by MetLife Pet Insurance policyholders.

#15 – Joffrey

It's tough to imagine naming any of our furry family after such a mean character. However, there are pet parents out there that can overlook such character flaws. 

#14 – Jorah 

We can understand naming your dog or cat after a character that is so devoted. We’ve had pets that can’t let you out of their site, so this could be fitting. 

#13 – Ramsay

If there is a character that embodies complete evil, it’s this one. For those risky pet owners that chose this moniker for their pets, be careful turning your back.

#12 – Hodor

We can’t blame dog and cat owners for naming their pets after one of the most sweet, loveable and devoted characters on the show.

#11 – Cersei

While you may believe she has ice running through her veins, we understand the allure of her name. Hopefully, these pet owners have thick skin because, like Cersei, the claws will probably come out quite often.

#10 – Bran

He doubles as an animal, the three-eyed Raven, on the show, so it isn’t too far-fetched to think his name would be a great one for dogs and cats alike. 

#9 – Brienne

She swore an oath to protect the Stark family, and she has been loyal to that oath ever since. We imagine many of our furry family members take their job as protectors just as seriously as Lady Brienne.

#8 – Jaime

With every passing season his character sways between the side of good and evil… and many of our pets possess a similar personality trait. So, it’s not surprising to see this Lannister at this spot in the ranks.

#7 – Tyrion

Though he may be small, he is smart and witty. A perfect personality combo for the family dog or cat. We enjoy the humor Tyrion brings to the small screen, but not as much as the silly things our pets do.

#6 – Jon Snow

Jon Snow reminds us that good always defeats evil. A fitting name for a king.

#5 – Khal Drogo

Though he met an early demise, this strong, respected warrior’s name lives on with dogs and cats across the country. Like Drogo, we assume most of them also have a softer side.

#4 – Gilly

This caring and loveable girl has turned into quite a character with the help of Sam. Perhaps this is why her name is close to the top of the charts.

#3 – Sansa

While Sansa has had a rough road, she has finally managed to rise to the title of the Lady of Winterfell, which is why many dog and cat parents are naming their little ladies after her.

#2 – Khaleesi/Daenarys

She has not only conquered many lands in the Game of Thrones, she has conquered many fans’ hearts- and they are paying homage to her by naming their dogs and cats after the Mother of Dragons.
#1 - Arya
This girl has tons of grit and guts,. With such a beautiful name, how could it not top the list?

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