Cat Cremation Cost: All You Need To Know

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Nov 03, 2022

Losing a pet is a difficult time, especially when you have to decide what to do with your beloved pet’s remains. The cost to cremate a cat ranges from $30 – $200, but the exact price depends on the type of cremation you pick and how you want to commemorate your cat.3

Cat Cremation Options

Cat owners have a few options when it comes to the cremation process. Some crematoriums let you provide a favorite blanket, toy, or collar to be cremated with your cat.

You can also decide if you’d like to witness the procedure. Some pet parents find closure in watching the cremation. Some crematoriums offer private viewing rooms at an additional cost, usually $20 – $60.3

Once you’ve decided if you’d like to be present or not, there are three types of cremation ceremonies to choose from.

Private cremation

In a private cremation, your cat will be the sole animal in the chamber. An individual cremation is the only way for a crematorium to ensure the ashes you receive are 100% your cat’s. Private cat cremations range from $100 – $200.3

Partitioned cremation

In a partitioned cremation, there may be other animals in the chamber with your cat, but they’re sectioned off or on separate trays. You can still receive your cat’s ashes, but they may be mixed with others. According to Heart in Diamond  — a company specializing in creating diamonds from cremated pet ashes — the cost of partitioned cremations can range from $30 – $200.4

Communal cremation

In a communal cremation, your cat is cremated at the same time with other animals. Crematoriums don’t return ashes from communal cremations. However, they often press a pawprint for you prior to the cremation. These are the typically cheapest option, usually $30 – $70.3

Additional Cat Cremation Costs

Here are a few other costs to consider when deciding how to cremate your cat:

Transportation fees

You may have to pay a transportation fee for your cat’s body to be moved from the vet or your home to the crematorium. This could range from $30 – $50.4


Depending on how you choose to preserve your pet’s ashes, you may have additional memorial costs. Many cat parents choose to scatter the ashes in a beloved location. But for those who choose to keep or bury the ashes in a pet cemetery, you’ll need to pay for a cremation urn or some other space to house them. Pet urns typically cost $50 – $1504 but the prices could be higher if you choose an urn made of certain materials (precious metals, for example) or with intricate designs.

You can also pay to plant a tree with your cat's ashes or have them made into a commemorative keepsake. Many companies offer services that create jewelry, suncatchers, paint for a painting, ink for a tattoo, or pottery out of ashes.

End-of-Life Cat Care

Caring for a cat at the end of their life can be difficult, but cat insurance can help cover end-of-life comfort care.2 This can help you give your pet a painless and peaceful passing.

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