Pet-Proof Your Home

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May 14, 2023

Pet-proofing your home is extremely important to keep your pet safe. Steps must be taken in each room of your home to ensure safety. Your dog or cat, especially if they are young, are very curious and likely to explore everything. Kitchens and bathrooms are often the location where dangerous chemicals and medications are kept. The following are tips necessary to keep a safe kitchen and bathroom:

  • Place all medications on high shelves or in a locked cabinet
  • Place all cleaning supplies in a locked cabinet or high shelf
  • Keep all food out of reach of your pet
  • Research any plants you have and check to see if they are dangerous to your pet
  • Install childproof locks on necessary items
  • Keep the toilet seat down
  • Block any small spaces your pet may become trapped in

Next, the living room. Although the living room is not often as large of a threat as the kitchen and bathroom, there are still items which may be unsafe for your pet. Again, houseplants are an example of this. Research all of the plants in your home to ensure they are safe for your pet. Even if they are safe for your pet, you may want to move them. The following are additional suggestions to help pet-proof your home:

  • Cover any heater vents
  • Keep wires out of reach from your pet
  • Keep all breakable items out of reach
  • Put away any items which may be a choking hazard

Your bedroom will follow the same suggestions as the living area.

Finally, the garage should be pet-proofed. The garage poses a large risk due to all of the chemicals often kept in the garage. Antifreeze, for example, is dangerous; its sweet smell and taste often attract our pets. It does not take much antifreeze to damage your pet’s organs. All chemicals should be moved to a high shelf or cabinet.

Pet-proofing your home can be time consuming but well worth the effort. After all, your pet’s safety is extremely important- which is why considering a pet health insurance policy can be worthwhile.

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