How to Know Your Home is Safe for a Dog

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Jan 14, 2022

When you think of dog safety, the first thing you might think of could be a harness or sturdy leash, but it goes far beyond making sure they can't run out into the road. The area inside your home has to be safe too, which means looking at your home differently than before.

If you're not sure that your home is safe for your dog, read on to find out what you should look for and get fixed right away. Dogs have a way of sniffing themselves into places that they don't know are bad for them, so be the best dog owner possible by thinking one step ahead of them.

Check for Electrical Wires

An obvious danger for pets and anyone in your home is when electrical wires get exposed. Your dog shouldn't have access to anything that could spark, but wires don't just come out of the wall. Cords to your electronics, lamps or other household appliances pose equal dangers to pups who want to chew.

Do your best to check around your home and hide any cables that might look delicious to your dog. Stuffing them behind furniture or wrapping them with cable wrap are two easy, inexpensive solutions you can start with. See if your dog can get around them before moving on to fixes that will feel more like projects.

Dogs love licking things, since that's one of the main ways they interact with the world. They enter any situation by sniffing around first, and then whatever doesn't smell bad usually ends up in their mouth. It's important to keep your dog equipment clean and monitor the state of your home.

Keep Things Clean

Always take trash out regularly and keep the trash can locked so they don't go sniffing for a snack. Wipe off any counters after you bake to keep harmful ingredients like cocoa out of their reach. The longer you live with your dog, the more you'll learn their habits and know what to keep an eye on.

Clear the Counters

It's important to keep the counters clean, but it's also important to keep them cleared off. Remove what you might usually leave behind, like plastic lids or silverware. As your dog grows, they'll learn to jump up on the counter and reach for whatever looks the tastiest. Chew plastic to pieces or gnawing on sharp silverware could end up with an emergency trip to the vet. Push everything as far back as you can and put everything else in a cabinet or other safe location.

A typical home doesn't pose much of a problem for a dog, because the state of a home will change over time. Guests, kids and even things like holidays will alter how you use your home and what you do in it. That all changes the safety precautions you can take to keep your dog safe.

Check your home to keep anything bite-sized away from surfaces your dog can reach. This is especially important for foods containing xylitol. Lock up your trash can lid and sanitize surfaces so there's no danger of your dog licking or eating anything that could be bad. Sometimes, they'll find ways to get around any precaution, but for the most part, being proactive will help you and your dog live happier and safer lives.  That's why taking out an active dog insurance policy to protect your pups can be such a good idea. 

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