5 Ways Your Cat Can Safely Enjoy The Outdoors

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Jan 26, 2022

Do you have an indoor cat who looks longingly out the front door? Do your cats chase bugs around that have gotten into the house? Do they put their paws up on the screen door and watch as you play with your dog in the front yard?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions (or if you’ve ever wondered if your indoor cats would enjoy the outdoors), here are some safety tips you can consider following so that your cats can safely enjoy the outdoors. 

1. Keep Your Cat Restrained

Many cats love to be outdoors to explore and satiate their curiosity. If you have a cat or kitten and know you want to take them outside, start by doing so when you think the time is right. If your kitten is young, put a harness on so that your kitten gets used to being retrained from an early age.

There are many manufacturers of cat-friendly harnesses that you can use for your kitty. Put the harness by her food, then put her harness by her bed or wherever she sleeps, put her harness on her cat tree – this will help her get accustomed to seeing it. Put it on and let her walk around with it.

Once she’s comfortable with that, put the leash on and let her get used to the weight of it. Be aware that cats are overly dramatic when in a harness or on a leash and they may flop onto the ground and act as if the harness is just too heavy.

Once your cat is accustomed to the harness and leash, you can walk them around your yard or simply let them sit outside with you. 

2. Invest in a Wire Crate

Some cats simply won’t ever wear a harness, but this doesn’t mean they can’t go outside. Consider taking a wire dog crate and finding a partially shaded area in the yard and place the crate on the grass. Your cats will get the benefit of being outside and feeling the earth beneath their paws without having to be on a harness. 

3. Build a Catio

If you have the time and skills, a catio could be on your next home project to-do list. A catio allows your cat to be indoors and outdoors in a safe manner without your having to harness them or put them in a crate outside. 

4. Invest in Fencing

If you have a fenced in yard, that’s great, but remember cats will scale the fence. Consider a curved fencing for the top of the fence to prevent their escape. You can also invest in roller bars for the top of your fence to keep them from escaping. 

5. Keep Your Cat’s Vaccinations Up-to-Date 

Outdoor dangers like Lyme disease or rabies can increase if your cat goes outdoors. Consider checking-in with your vet to make sure your cat is up-to-date on vaccinations before letting them roam freely outdoors.

You can also check with your veterinarian on how to properly check for ticks. It's important to remember that ticks can be found in neighborhood lawns and that you don’t have to be in the woods to be exposed. 

Safely Enjoy Time Outside With Your Cat

To help keep your feline safe while outside, consider keeping them in an area that is cool and shaded so that they do not overheat. You could also keep a cool bowl of water near them so that they can remain hydrated while outside.

Remember to never leave your feline friend unattended. Keeping an eye on your cat can help keep them safe while still allowing them to enjoy their time outdoors.
If you plan to take your cats outdoors this summer, consider following these helpful safety tips so that both you and your feline can enjoy the day and remain happy and healthy.

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