Doggy Halloween Parties

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Jan 27, 2022

The spooky Halloween season is finally here, and what better way to celebrate with the dog lovers in your life than by hosting a canine friendly Halloween party?

Hang some scary decorations, plan out your matching doggy-owner costume, prepare some tasty snacks, and get ready to have a good time with your pals, no matter how many legs they have.

To make your spooky event extra special, consider these fun activities that prioritize both pet health and fun.

Host a Costume Contest

Every puppy and dog owner is looking for an excuse to dress like their pet, and a costume contest is the perfect reason to go all out. Either choose a few friends to be judges or hold a voting contest to decide on the best costume. As for prizes, a gift basket of dog accessories will do the trick.

Bake pup-friendly treats

While the U.S. spends over $20 billion on pet food each year, most of it is not on homemade dog treats. Keep a spread of snacks for your human friends out of reach of the dogs, and then fill a jar with treats for the animals.

Set up a parade around the yard

Walking your dog in a circle has never been so cute. While the pups are all dressed up intheir Halloween costumes, it's essential to let them show off their pawesome threads. Put on some seasonal tunes and let the pups strut their stuff around the yard. This could be part of the costume contest or a separate affair. 

Hide Fun Treats 

All scavenger hunts are classic seasonal activities, so set one up for your guests. But with every human treasure, be sure to hide a small dog treat as well. This way, the owners can collect treats to give to their animals later. 

Dog Tricks for Treats 

A canine twist on traditional trick or treating, this activity lets the pups show off their smarts. Each owner takes a turn bringing their pup to the front of the group. Once the dog shows off their best trick, they get a treat. 

While you are walking your dog around the yard during the party, be sure to keep basic pet care in mind. Do not allow the dogs to eat too many treats or indulge on human food, which will make the dogs sick. And nothing is more spooky than a Halloween trip to the vet.

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